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Population, Community and Global Health (PCGH) Pathway

Anindita Deb MD FAAN | anindita.deb@umassmemorial.org 

Education Program Specialist 
Pawel Stefan Chojnowski | Pawel.Chojnowski@umassmed.edu 
Class of 2027 Student Representatives
Niha Putta | niharika.putta@umassmed.edu 
Jennifer Jaein Jung | jennifer.jung1@umassmed.edu 

Pathway Description

The Population, Community, and Global Health Pathway provides students with a unique opportunity to expand their biomedical and socio-ethical knowledge to the Greater Worcester Community and around the world. Students will learn about and discuss health care issues that affect communities across the globe, examining how challenges in the US medical system relate to and differ from those of other nations. Students are encouraged to travel and further explore the factors affecting the health and well-being of a specific population.


  • Discussion-based meetings that address ethical considerations in global health settings, such as resource allocation, the role of students, the function of research, and informed consent
  • Develop an awareness of the key disparities affecting health in developing countries and the health systems in which these diseases are treated
  • Learn about the economic, environmental, political, and social factors responsible for global health disparities from field experts
  • Develop an understanding of advocacy and compassionate medical care for patients from different cultures and in areas with limited resources
  • Opportunity for travel, research, and immersive experiences with UMass faculty and community partners in places such as Kenya, Rwanda, Bolivia, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, and India (among other sites)

Sample Topics Covered

  • Defining global burden of disease (GBD) and how GBD research affects socio-political change and the future directions of global health  
  • Explore the health care systems of other nations, and compare and contrast to the US model of care
  • Refugee and migrant health: the struggles and barriers to care faced by these populations and how care for these groups differs around the world

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