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Optional Enrichment Elective (OEE) Proposal Application Review


Has proposed OEE been reviewed and approved by the faculty sponsor(s)?

Does the proposal describe a time-bound educational experience that can be achieved in a single term or semester? note: the proposal should not describe a longitudinal pathway or track.

Is the elective description consistent with its title?

Is there an appropriate number of student leaders across the number of sessions and within each session?

Is there a need for particular expertise or training for the student leaders?

Does description clearly identify gap in formal curriculum this course is intended to address? (Is description of gap accurate, have there been recent revisions/planned revisions to formal curriculum that contradicts description)

Does description clearly describe the added value provided by this course?

(Does the added value align with UMass Chan core competencies for medical education OR other competencies by accreditation agencies or standard bodies (i.e. LCME, ACGME, AAMC)

Are the learning objectives sufficiently detailed? That is, are the objectives built on existing learning objectives, and do they augment knowledge and skills provided by the formal, core curriculum?

Are the learning objectives consistent with the stated added value provided by the elective description? (note; There should be no excessive duplication of learning objectives.)

Are the listed learning objectives feasible to accomplish in the proposed time-frame?

Do the proposed learning objectives align with UMass Chan core competencies for medical education OR other competencies by accreditation agencies or standards bodies (eg, NEASC, LCME, ACGME, AAMC)?

Does the syllabus include enough detail outlining each session regarding topics covered, teaching methods, evaluation, etc.?

Does proposal adhere to no excessive duplication of content already in formal curriculum?

Is class size appropriate for learning objectives and activities proposed (Have limits on resources i.e. slots for shadowing experiences, been considered)

If offered for both semesters, does proposal indicate whether the sessions will be the same

Is the proposed method of evaluation appropriate for the stated learning objectives?