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Resident as Teacher: Online Module

Overview & Objectives

This course is designed to provide you, the resident, with practical knowledge and skills to enhance your competence as an educator. The focus is on two educational models for effective clinical teaching.

By the end of this course you will 

  • recognize your assumptions about clinical teaching
  • demonstrate knowledge of the 2 educational frameworks for clinical teaching: the Neher five-Step microskills model (also know as the One-minute Preceptor), and the Skeff enhancing teaching effectiveness model 
  • apply the elements of these frameworks to clinical teaching scenarios
  • demonstrate understanding of the how the 'microskills' model works within the larger educational framework.

Proceed sequentially through the Course Activities I-III as indicated in the left navigation bar, completing modules on the Neher Model and the Skeff Model in Activity I prior to viewing the Teaching Encounter video clips in Activity II.

Note: The Resident as Teacher Formative Self-Test (Activity III) is designed such that the score cannot be calculated until the user has answered all eight questions correctly. An incomplete self-test can be revisited; click yes at the prompt, "Would you like to resume your quiz where you left off?" when reopening the quiz.
The Resident as Teacher Formative Self-Test (Activity III) is currently unavailable.

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