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Optional Enrichment Electives (OEE)

Optional Enrichment Electives (OEE) are elective courses designed by students according to established criteria, overseen by faculty, and approved by Electives Co-Directors. OEE’s span one semester, and many are interprofessional. While no formal credit is accrued for participation, OEE's are listed on the transcript to demonstrate successful completion of requirements.

  • OEEs are held during the "independent study" time in the schedule.
  • Participation in these courses is mentioned in the MSPE and appears on the transcript by name of course, with two hash marks (##) in the "grades" column and a notation on the transcript as: ## Optional Enrichment Course. The student has elected this course in addition to the regular curriculum requirements.
  • Failure to complete course requirements results simply in the course not being listed on the student's transcript. It is not possible to "fail" such a course.
  • The OEE must be approved to be designated “active” and to appear on the transcript.

General Information

Application Process

OEE Policies & Procedures New OEE Proposal Application Form | submit brand new elective proposals
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) OEE Updates Formsubmit new information and or request reinstatement


Transcript Recognition Form submit within 2 weeks of last session NEW LINK
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