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UMass Chan Educational Program Objectives (Physician Competencies)

As an educational community, the UMass Chan Medical School strives to produce graduates who will become caring healers both by assuring that they possess the requisite knowledge and skills and by strengthening their natural talents and desire to care for others.

The multiple roles of the physician as healer, and the associated competencies that graduating medical students must demonstrate, form the basis for a new way of organizing what is taught, how it is taught and the methods for evaluating student performance at UMass Chan. The specific behaviors that comprise our sub-competency milestones are used by educators to identify progression towards competence. The UMass Chan Medical School Educational Objectives embody our educational philosophy and the distinctive attributes of its faculty and students.

These seven roles, which form the cornerstone for a redefining of the Medical School’s educational objectives, are Physician as . . . Professional, Scientist, Communicator, Clinical Problem Solver, Patient & Community Advocate, Person, and Healthcare System Navigator

Physician as Professional Physician as Scientist Physician as Communicator Physician as Clinical Problem Solver Physician as Patient & Community Advocate