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Clinical Care Pathway

Geeda Maddaleni, MD | Geeda.Maddaleni@umassmemorial.org 

Education Program Specialist
Isaias Monroy | Isaias.Monroy@umassmed.edu

Class of 2026 Student Representatives
Mitchell Lavoie | Mitchell.Lavoie@umassmed.edu
Aly Wayne | Alysandria.Wayne@umassmed.edu

Pathway Description 

The Clinical Care Pathway focuses on fostering excellence in clinical care. Through didactic, small group and immersive sessions, students will learn about communication, high value care, team-based care, cultural humility, and interprofessional care. Pathways Longitudinal Projects (PLP) may focus on addressing a clinical problem, health care gap, patient safety issue or patient education gap via innovation, quality improvement intervention, development of educational materials, or prospective research.


  • Interactive class sessions consisting of brief student presentations and feedback
  • Opportunity to collaborate with UMass faculty in strengthening communication techniques 
  • Strengthen written and oral communication skills through presentations and patient interviews
  • Exposure and access to expert communicators through the palliative care department

Sample Topics Covered

  • Hypothesis driven history taking
  • Foundations of effective communication and therapeutic relationships led by the Palliative Care team
  • Clinical Teaching and structured communication including conflict resolution techniques

August 2023 | cjb