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Absence Policy | July 2022

The T.H. Chan School of Medicine policy regarding absences from both required preclinical and clinical experiences is intended to maximize the learning experience for each student and is aligned with the expectations of practicing physicians. Medical students are part of a community of learners with responsibilities to self, peers and patients in the learning environment. For required curricular elements, absences may have a significant impact on all learners; team- and problem-based learning is optimal when all participants are present and engaged. Additionally, assessments of student competency and performance are arranged within the context of our integrated and sequential curriculum; inability to complete assessments in a timely manner may have a negative impact on the learner’s subsequent educational experience.

This absence policy addresses each of the following

  1. Timing of requests for an excused, planned absence
  2. Timing of makeup work when assigned
  3. Frequency and number of absences in the preclinical and clinical years
  4. Planned vs unplanned absences