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Leadership Roles

An overview of each curricular component and the corresponding faculty leadership position responsibilities can be found in the links on the left-hand navigation.  Opportunities exist for educators at all levels of career progression, and with varied degrees, at the master’s and doctoral levels.  Applicants with diverse backgrounds and lived experience from all elements of our institution are encouraged to apply. 

Common Leadership Responsibilities (across all roles)

  • Embrace and operationalize Vista principles
  • Ensure innovative curriculum development and delivery with appropriate, engaged methodology 
  • Promote practices that build an equitable and diverse learning environment
  • Recruit faculty and utilize resources to promote educator growth and development
  • Oversee fair, diverse, and appropriate learner assessment, feedback, and remediation
  • Resolve personal or faculty schedule conflicts to ensure continuity of curriculum delivery 
  • Provide structured observation and feedback of educators to promote educational excellence 
  • Identify and address bias to support an inclusive and representative curriculum
  • Embrace integration of longitudinal focus and biomedical topics
  • Demonstrate collaboration within and across blocks and programs
  • Respond to student feedback and institutional initiatives
  • Participate in at least two internal UMass Chan educator development sessions focused on general teaching and curricular focus topics (separate from block or program-specific development); unless otherwise noted, annual participation in DRIVE workshop


  • Commitment to three-year minimum shared leadership of the block, program, and/or longitudinal component 
  • Collaborative integration of biomedical, clinical, health systems and longitudinal focus topics 
  • Demonstrated capability, interest, and aspirations for educational leadership
  • Shared leadership of the related Vista build team (January 2022)

Modified JUNE 15 2022 | AG