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Education Pathway

Alexandra Wink, PhD | Alexandra.wink@umassmed.edu

Education Program Specialist
Victoria Cohen | Victoria.cohen@umassmed.edu

Class of 2027 Student Representative
Despina Aslanidis | despina.aslanidis@umassmed.edu 
Mollie Smith | mollie.smith12@umassmed.edu 

Pathway Description

Through the Education Pathway, students will become active participants in their medical education and develop into physicians who are strong science communicators and community advocates. Within this Pathway, students will explore topics including undergraduate and graduate medical education, continuing education for physicians, and patient and community education. Education Pathway-specific sessions will include engagement with literature on educational methods, didactic sessions with experts on educational topics, and opportunities to practice and receive feedback on teaching. Pathways Longitudinal Projects may focus on building and evaluating curricula, creating patient and community outreach programs, or educational scholarship.


  • Interactive class sessions consisting of brief student presentations and feedback
  • Opportunity to apply knowledge through the creation and presentation of an educational session
  • Define goals and objectives to meet educational needs in academic, clinical, and community settings
  • Create relevant, accessible, and effective learning materials based in scholarship
  • Evaluate educational content based on current and relevant scholarship

Sample Topics Covered

  • Needs Assessments, Goals, and Learning Objectives
  • Learning Modalities in Medical Education
  • Evaluating Teaching and Learning

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