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Vista Progression, Remediation, and Deceleration

  • Fail full retest of the block → get an NCR for the block → remediate the following year
  • Fail 3 focused retests during the first year (P1 through GI) or second year (CVS through endocrine/reproductive) → stop progress → remediate the following year  
    • In both cases, AEB to determine if this is a full-year remediation, or if this can be customized based on the blocks and student record

Options when remediating the following year 

  • retake an entire year after a leave of absence (LOA)  
  • retake an entire year after staying enrolled in a professional development course for the remainder of that initial year including relevant CAA experiences  
  • begin professional development option (5thyear) at time of curriculum pause and restart coursework at the time the failed coursework begins in the subsequent year 

Retaking a Block 

  • Students must pass the block retest on the first attempt
  • If they fail the block that they are retaking on the first attempt – will obtain an ‘NCR’ grade for the block – no focused retests will be allowed

Deceleration policies

  • Students can attempt a block only twice; they must pass one of those attempts to progress
  • Students can fail a block only once
  • Students can withdraw from a block only once
  • If they have not passed by the second attempt, they will be referred to the progress board

AUG 16 2022 | cjb