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Suggested Grade Distribution for summative assessments

  • Intra-block summative assessments
    • Preferred method of delivery is online/weekend
    • Flexibility to schedule ONE in-person mid-term exam
    • Should be cumulative for the block 
  • End-of-block summative assessments
    • Block-final
      • 60-80 MCQs; 2 hours duration (9-11am)
      • Cumulative for the block (and for the curriculum as opportunity presents)
      • If Monday of the exam week is a holiday, rescheduled on Tuesday morning
        • Focused retests in such cases are preferred to be delivered online on Saturday/Sunday (with option to take it Friday of the same week or Monday of the next week)
    • NBME
      • Exams will increase in number of questions (and thereby duration) progressing through the curriculum 
        • P1 and P2 – 40 questions (1 hour)
        • BII through GI – 60 questions (1.5 hours) 
        • CVS through Endo/Repro – 80 questions (2 hours) 
      • Exams will start at 1pm of the Monday of WIN week 
      • Exams will be increasingly cumulative progressing through the curriculum 
        • 5-10% of questions will be cumulative in P2 
        • 10-15% questions will be cumulative for BII through GI 
        • 15-20% questions will be cumulative for CVS through Endo/Repro 
      • If Monday of the exam week is a holiday, rescheduled on Tuesday afternoon
  • Intra-block formative assessments
    • Minimum one per week with substantial feedback 
      • Examples – practice quizzes (with rationale), self-assessments, pre-reading questions, consolidation questions, assignments (non-graded), IODs (anatomy, imaging, and NSB), practice practicals (anatomy and imaging), flashcards (histology), U-World questions 
  • Intra-block narrative assessments
    • Minimum one per block – desirable to have earlier within the block
      • Examples of sessions that can generate narrative feedback/assessment – PBL, SIM, core small group sessions, conferences
    • Standardized template for feedback
    • Desire to maintain same student groups and faculty partners

MAY 23 2023 | cjb