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EHR Classroom teaching

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Advancing Medical Education Together through the Epic EHR Classroom   

In the ever-changing world of medicine, Electronic Health Record (EHR) play a crucial role in modern healthcare. Our students are the future of medical progress and, as such, they must embark on a journey to become skilled in using EHRs. Our partnership with UMass Memorial Hospital has led us to fully embrace Epic, an essential EHR tool for patient care. It covers everything from recording patient information and communicating with healthcare providers to assessing quality, making medical orders, prescribing medications, and reconciling records. EHR are at the crossroads of healthcare informatics, a vital field within Health Systems Science (HSS). And, HSS, together with Basic Science and Clinical Science, forms the foundation of our medical curriculum.

The EHR Classroom (EHRC), powered by Epic, provides a collaborative space for learners to gain and practice clinical problem-solving and patient care skills through various real-life patient cases. The EHRC is seamlessly integrated into our lectures, small group discussions, labs, and simulations, offering opportunities for specialized and cross-disciplinary case-based learning. This enriches the teaching and learning experience, promoting unity and progress throughout the learning process.

Expanding the range and depth of patient cases in the EHRC is a dynamic, cooperative effort with our primary clinical partner, UMass Memorial Hospital. UMass Chan faculty, students, and staff from all corners of our institution work closely with our IT Academic Technology team and the UMass Memorial Hospital Information Systems teams. The materials on this page are designed to provide you with the information needed to maximize your use of the EHRC.