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LPP for Prospective and Current Preceptors

For Prospective Preceptors:

If you are a NEW PRECEPTOR and interested in participating in the LPP Program please fill out the following form:
Please note the preceptor commitment is from August 2023 to June 2025

Program Objectives 

For information on program objectives, please refer to your Preceptor Packet (LPP Year 1 or LPP Year 2) distributed at the beginning of the Academic Year. 

Preceptor Honorarium

Please note that payment disbursement is made to your clinical site location, and disbursement of funds within your practice will need to be discussed internally. UMass provides each preceptor a stipend per seven sessions in year one and six sessions in year two. 

LPP Main Goals & Objectives 

  • Introduce students to a clinical care setting prior to their Clerkship years
  • Allow students to practice interacting with real patients, develop professionalism skills
  • Develop strong patient interviewing, physical exam, and observation skills
  • Participate in counseling patients, depending on client base, LPP may provide exposure to developing Motivational Interviewing skills
  • Provide an opportunity to witness patient continuity (again, depending on LPP site, students may have the opportunity to be exposed to patient continuity)