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Curriculum Resources

Educational Policy Committee

The Educational Policy Committee (EPC) is a primary governing body of the T.H. Chan School of Medicine and has the authority to determine policy for medical school education. The EPC has the responsibility for planning, implementing, supervising, evaluating, and continuously revising a coherent and comprehensive program of general medical education for the training of physicians. To access curriculum committee meeting minutes, policies, LInC updates, course reviews and other EPC materials visit Educational Policy Committee   

Note: To access the EPC intranet site, you will be asked to provide your umassmed,edu or umassmemorial.org username and password.

LInC Course & Clerkship Leadership Guide

LInC Course and Clerkship Leadership Guide provides key information regarding your responsibilities as a course leader, preparing a course, scheduling your course in the OASIS database, course feedback, and course resources. The Office of Undergraduate Medical Education (OUME), Institutional Research, Evaluation and Assessment (IREA) and Academic Technology and Curriculum Innovation (ATCI) have outlined expectations and procedures that will be a helpful reference to the development and ongoing management of FOM, CCE and AS courses.

Teaching and Learning Facilities

The UMass Chan Medical School has a variety of facilities for teaching and learning. The frequently used rooms and directions website will assist in locating a classroom or amphitheater. The Integrated Teaching and Learning Center (iTLC) is a flexible learning environment that facilitates team-based, interactive, and blended learning. The UMass Chan Medical School curriculum is designed to seamlessly integrate teaching across disciplines, emphasize self-directed study; promote team-based learning, and employ state-of-the-art technologies. The iTLC learning space supports Computer Based Testing. The classrooms, amphitheaters, and iTLC rooms are reserved for T.H. Chan School of Medicine classes through the OUME. Contact Jean Welker for more information.

The Interprofessional Center for Experiential Learning & Simulation (iCELS) offers two floors of simulation teaching opportunities.  The UMass Chan trained Standardized Patients (SPs) deliver emotional authenticity, medical accuracy, learner assessment, and constructive debriefing. SPs also serve as skilled teachers and evaluators of the complete physical exam. The high-fidelity interactive manikins, task trainers and clinical instrumentation allows for deliberate practice in an ideal learning environment to develop skills mastery and enhance team based communication.

updated AUG 12 2022 | cjb