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Longitudinal Preceptor Program


Program Description

Welcome to our longitudinal preceptor program! UMASS Chan Medical School has a proud history of early clinical learning for our students and this program is a major contributor to that reputation. Our preceptors leave lasting impressions on our medical students and graduates.

In this program we match 1st or 2nd year students with physicians to help practice their history taking, physical diagnosis skills, and gain experience working in the interprofessional environment.

Program Model

  • We pair two students with two preceptors (primary care & specialist).
  • Each preceptor is assigned a pair of students for the 18 months in the Discovery Phase of our Vista curriculum. In the first academic year (Sept-June) students will be expected to attend 7 sessions between their two preceptor sites.
  • In the 2nd academic year (Sept-March) students will participate in 6 sessions between their two preceptor sites.

In our new curriculum (Vista) Students will have more required class time on Tuesdays and Thursdays than in our previous curriculum. Our students would be available Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, all weekday evenings, weekends and during the weeks at the end of the blocks (Tuesday – Friday), termed WIN weeks where there is open time if the student has passed the block exam Therefore, preceptors with any schedule can participate in this program.

Please note that there are two models for the program; one which applies to the majority of students, and one for student participants in specific population-based pathways.

  • For doctors interested in precepting students at the Family Health Center of Worcester (Urban Health pathway) or Barre Family Health (Rural Health pathway), please reach out to Cragin@umassmed.edu and Suzanne.Cashman@umassmed.edu respectively for more information. All other interested preceptors, please refer to our information below.
  • The PURCH track assigns Baystate area preceptors and follows a PURCH specific program model

Student Testimonials

"I have absolutely loved my LPP preceptorship. Working with patients at the Family Health Center has not only affirmed my career choice, but keeps me inspired and hopeful that my future is one that can make a difference."
- Laura Santoso, Class of 2018, LPP Site: Family Health Center of Worcester

"The preceptorship program has been my favorite thing about UMass so far...LPP allows me to take what I have learned in my basic science classes…and apply them in the hospital."
- Daniel Warden, Class of 2017, LPP Site: UMass Memorial & University Campus Emergency Department  

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For Prospective and Current Preceptors 

- Outline of Preceptor Role
- Program Benefits 
- Preceptor Packets

For Students

- Program Benefits 
- Student Testimonials