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Medicine Elective Course Description

Course Name: Primary Care Internal Medicine  
Course Number: ME-431
Elective Type: B1 

Sonia Bagga, MD

Contact: Marijane Beaudet

Department: Medicine
Sites Available: UMMHC-University Campus
Months Offered: E1, E2, M4-M10
Number of Students / Month: 1
Prerequisites: Completion of 3rd year Medicine Clerkship
* Offered to UMass Students Only
Elective Description: To provide students an opportunity to participate at a higher level in the delivery of comprehensive primary care.  The student will perform comprehensive histories, physicals, and assessments on new patients, will work directly with preceptors monitoring patients with chronic diseases and will evaluate ambulatory patients with common acute problems.  The student will also participate in the Medicine Residency Ambulatory core curriculum and will have the opportunity to develop a longitudinal project. Depending on the interests of the individual student, he/she may also gain experience in the pre-operative assessment clinic or in primary care administration.   
Note: * Offered to UMass Students Only
Location:   UMMHC- University Campus, 55 Lake Avenue North, Worcester, MA  01655