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Medicine Elective Course Description

Course Name: Infectious Disease
Course Number: ME-423
Elective Type: B1 

George M. Abraham, MD

Contact:  Madelyn Amoroso

Department: Medicine
Sites Available: St. Vincent Hospital at Worcester Medical Center
Months Offered: E1, M3-M10
Number of Students / Month:
Prerequisites: 4th year student 
Elective Description: To provide students with an introduction to the use of antimicrobial drugs, an understanding of the pathophysiology of microbial diseases, an approach to the febrile patient and an opportunity to participate in the care of patients with both common and esoteric infectious illnesses.  In addition to working on a vibrant, inpatient consultation service students will assist in the evaluation and management of ambulatory patients in a weekly Travel Medicine Clinic.
Note: NA
Location: St. Vincent Hospital at Worcester Medical Center, 123 Summer Street, Worcester, MA  01608