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Medicine Elective Course Description

Course Name: Infectious Disease
Course Number: ME-423
Elective Type: B1 
Coordinator(s): Contact Medical Education Office @ 413-447-2715
Department: Medicine
Sites Available: Berkshire Medical Center, Pittsfield, MA
Months Offered: E1, M1-M10
Number of Students / Month:
Prerequisites: Completion of 3rd year Medicine clerkship
Enrollment Process: Approval from coordinator required; email approval to to schedule
Elective Description: The student will see infectious disease consultations at the Berkshire Medical Center and will be responsible for initial evaluation, presentation to the attending and literature research related to that patient. Time will be given to the patient on a one-to-one basis to discuss general problems and concepts in infectious disease. Rational antibiotic use will be stressed. The student will spend some time in the clinical laboratory to gain an appreciation of microbiologic procedures and techniques. Occasionally the patients will be presented in conference by the student along with a review of the literature related to that patient's infectious disease problem.
Note: Contact Medical Education Office for more information
Location: Berkshire Medical Center, 725 North Street, Pittsfield, MA 01201