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Medicine Elective Course Description

Course Name: Gastroenterology
Course Number: ME-416 
Elective Type: B1

Curuchi Anand, M.D or

Contact: Donna Davisson  or

Department: Division of Gastroenteroogy & Hepatobiliary Medicine
Sites Available: St. Vincent Hospital
Months Offered: E1, M1-M10
Number of Students / Month: Varies
Prerequisites: Completion of Medicine and Surgery clerkships
Enrollment Process: Approval from coordinator required; email approval to to schedule

Elective Description: A clinical elective usually of one month duration is offered to allow an implementation of the didactic material. The elective will be carried out by multiple methods to include answering consults,  teaching  rounds,  background reading,  conferences, assisting at procedures, and special teaching sessions to cover areas not otherwise covered.  During the rotation the person will become familiar with the appropriate evaluation and management of common gastrointestinal problems to include dysphagia, nausea, vomiting, GI Bleeding (acute and chronic; upper and lower), abdominal pain (acute and chronic), jaundice,  abdominal swelling, weight loss, constipation and diarrhea.

The person will also become familiar with the effects of diseases of other organ systems on the gastrointestinal system and vice-versa. During the rotation the person will become familiar with the interpretation of gastrointestinal xrays. There will also be exposure to GI pathologic material to include biopsy of the liver and the full length of the alimentary canal. Emphasis will be placed on the premalignant conditions of the GI tract. The person will also participate in the interaction with the Surgical service to learn when consultations and surgical intervention are warranted. During the rotation the person will become familiar with the full range of gastrointestinal procedures to include esophageal dilatation, esophagogastroduodenoscopy, ERCP, liver biopsy, small bowel biopsy, colonoscopy, polypectomy, paracentesis, percutaneous gastroscopy, and therapeutic measures for GI bleeding. The formal conference schedule will include weekly Fellow's conferences held in conjunction with the University of Massachusetts faculty, monthly xray and pathology conferences, and monthly lecture series to cover a core curriculum for the resident staff. The resident will be encouraged to participate in these conferences.

Note: NA
Location: St. Vincent Hospital at Worcester Medical Center, 123 Summer Street, Worcester, MA 01608