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Medicine Elective Course Description

Course Name: Cardiology
Course Number: ME-406
Elective Type: B1 
Coordinator(s): Linda Bakutis (508) 363-6162
Department: Cardiovascular Medicine
Sites Available: St. Vincent Hospital at Worcester Medical Center
Months Offered: E1-M10
Number of Students / Month: 1
Prerequisites: Completion of 3rd year clerkships 
Elective Description: This elective will be offered 12 months out of the year therefore, you will need to contact the person listed above to inquire if the elective is being offered the month you are requesting. Students will be assigned to the consultative service where they will have ample opportunity to see a wide variety of patients with cardiovascular disease.  The patient and diagnostic mix is extensive and varied.  Students will be encouraged to attend all CCU rounds, noon conferences, EKG teaching conferences and cath conference. There will be an opportunity for interested students to observe cardioversions, TEEs, cardiac catheterization, pacemaker and AICD placement.
Note: NA
Location: St. Vincent Hospital at Worcester Medical Center, 123 Summer Street, Worcester, MA 01608