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Accessing Evidence-Based Treatment for Traumatized Youth

Assessing Evidence Based Treatment for Traumitized Youth.JPG

Accessing Evidence-Based Treatment for Traumatized Youth:
Treatment and Service Options for Children & Families in MA

Jessica L. Griffin, Psy.D.
Assistant Professor of Psychiatry & Pediatrics
Principal Investigator, UMass Chan Child Trauma Training Center


This webinar provided an overview of Trauma-Focused Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. The presenter reviewed treatment components, discussed local & statewide dissemination efforts, and provided information about a statewide centralized referral system, LINK-KID.  Included in the webinar and also in the presentation slides are nationally disseminated resources for working with traumatized youth & families.

Webinar Slides & Additional Resources

Webinar Slides

Webinar Transcription

Information about EBT’s for Trauma

10 hour training course offering basic training, video clips, resources for therapists, parents, and children

Forum for frequently asked questions:

National Child Traumatic Stress Network