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Core Elements of Young Adult Peer Mentor Training Webinar - Nov 2017

The purpose of this webinar is to introduce the "Core Elements of Young Adult Peer Mentor Training" to supervisors of Young Adult Peer Mentors and others in the agency who want to learn how the training aligns with the Young Adult Peer Mentor Role. The framework for the training is based on the soon to be released practice profile for Young Adult Peer Mentoring. The webinar will provide an overview of the training which includes: defining the six core elements of young adult peer mentoring; learning how Peer mentors can use their lived experience with purpose and intent; and how Young Adult Peer Mentors can utilize the practice profile along with supervision, to guide them in their everyday work in the field. 

Sponsored by: The Massachusetts Department of Mental Health, The Children’s Behavioral Health Knowledge Center and the Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative/Mass Health with funding from the STAY Grant, SAMHSA System of Care Expansion Cooperative Agreement

Additional Resources:
Presentation slides from this webinar
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