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Multi-Component Engagement Program: Considerations for Service Provision to Young Adults Early in Their Recovery

Presenter: Michelle R. Munson, Ph.D., Professor; Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs NYU Silver School of Social Work
Date: May 22, 2019

Description: This webinar discusses four important aspects of intervention development, as related to creating the “Just Do You” intervention.  “Just Do You” is a brief meta-intervention for young adults experiencing one of their first-contacts with the mental health system. It was designed to help orient young people to their clinics, their programs, their providers, and typical mental health service components, while also encouraging them that they can be partners in their mental health care decisions.  The randomized control trial (RCT) testing the efficacy of the “Just Do You” intervention that Dr. Munson and her colleagues are working on will be presented in this webinar as well.

If you have questions about use or the content of these materials, please contact Dr. Michelle Munson at” below the additional materials.

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Just Do You - Facilitator Manual
Just Do You - Youth Manual