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Psychiatry Residency Curriculum

Career Investigator Track

Although many UMass residents participate in research, a psychiatric research track is available for up to one trainee per year who intends to pursue a career in funded psychiatric research. This program maximizes opportunities for a resident to design and complete one or more projects leading to publication during residency. Research track residents begin working with a research mentor in their first year, meeting regularly, becoming familiar with the division in which they will be working, and doing some initial literature reviews. In the PGY-I and II years, research track residents are allowed to submit a proposal for up to 2 blocks of elective time to acquire special lab skills, attend courses, do a formal literature review, visit other laboratories or undertake other activities that will facilitate their project. In the PGY-III and IV years, research track residents work half time on their project with the intent of completing publishable work and potentially submitting grant applications for post-graduate work or begin preparation for application for a K award. The research track is designed to allow the trainee to complete all ACGME requirements for board eligibility in adult psychiatry by replacing elective time with research time.  Note that clinical research tracks can be completed in 4 years.  Laboratory-based or other non-clinical research tracks require 5 years with one year of funding by the laboratory with which the trainee is affiliated.

A research committee is formed to oversee the work of each resident on the research track. This committee meets periodically with the resident and approves project proposals and advises the resident on their research training and career trajectory.


Establish relationship with research mentor and division in which work is proposed. Faculty research committee formed to oversee project. Meet weekly with mentor to discuss literature and research projects. One month elective available for research technique training.

Continue regular meetings with mentor and meet at least twice with research committee. Elective month available for groundwork, literature review, or learning laboratory techniques

Half time available for research. Can be taken as any combination of days in PGY-III and IV (or PGY-IV and V) years (e.g. 2 days per week in PGY-III and 3 days per week in PGY-IV).

Clinical Elective year analogous to PGY-IV in general curriculum for non-clinical research track residents who have spent an extra year in research.

Medical school research support for GME trainees:

Millenium PhD Program
Master of Science in Clinical Investigation
Global Health Scholars
MPH Program