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Meet the Residents

Welcome To Our New Chief Residents 2022-2023

Pictured Here with Program Director, Dr. Auralyd Padilla Candelario


Adrian Fanucci KissAdrian Fanucci-Kiss, MD (He/Him/His)

UMass Chan Medical School

Clinical interests: Child and adolescent psychiatry, psychotherapy, and LGBTQ+ mental health
Research interests: Autism spectrum disorder, expressed emotion, and family systems.

Other interests/hobbies: Hiking, paddle boarding (SUP), martial arts training, playing dungeons and dragons, woodworking, and spending time with family, pets, and all the wildlife my mom feeds.

Why UMass: I enjoyed my medical school experience at UMass because of the diverse patient population and caring faculty. My wife and I also wanted to stay close to family and friends in the area, and we were so fortunate to couples match here.

What I like about Central Mass: It’s a nature lover’s dream! There’s great hiking both locally and within a day trip’s distance.

Hallie Geller, MD
Academic Interests: Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, PTSD and Trauma therapy, Psychoanalysis
Personal Interests: Spending time with my husband and two daughters, cooking, biking, crafting and reading science fiction or magical realism
Why UMass: I attended medical school at UMass and enjoyed my experience so much I decided to stay for residency and fellowship in the combined Adult and Child/Adolescent Psychiatry Track. In many ways I consider psychiatry and especially child psychiatry to be an important component of primary care. I love the focus UMass as an institution has on providing excellent primary care and training future clinicians to provide holistic, patient-centered care.
What I Like About Central Mass: Though originally native to the Midwest, I have been living in Massachusetts for the past 8 years and have come to love the New England area. 

Alexa Hooberman, MD ( She/Her/Hers)
Tufts University School of Medicine
Clinical interests: Child and adolescent psychiatry, C/L psychiatry, addiction psychiatry, psychotherapy.
Research Interests: Integrated care/extended consultation models, cultural psychiatry
Other interests/hobbies: Hiking, indoor cycling, board games, thrift shopping, and taking my cat (yes, cat) on walks!
Why UMass: I grew up in the greater Boston area and knew I wanted to stay in the northeast to be close to family and friends for residency. I sought a program that was welcoming, focused on community development, had all the benefits of a large academic medical center (research, teaching, etc.), as well as a diverse patient population. UMass has far exceeded my expectations in a residency program! The teaching environment is truly collaborative and there are many opportunities to get involved in one’s interests.
What I like about Central Mass: Central Massachusetts is a beautiful place year-round! There is plenty of access to outdoor activities during any season. It is also not a far drive from other cities in New England like Boston, Portland, or Providence and NYC is just a few hours' drive away as well. I am looking forward to exploring new restaurants and breweries in Worcester.

Katarina Hughes, MD (she/her)

University of Toledo College of Medicine and Life Sciences

Clinical interests: TBI, dementias, Parkinson's, movement disorders, personality disorders, mood disorders 

Research interests: clinical ethics, neuroethics, ethics education and curriculum development

Other interests/hobbies: hiking, kayaking, cooking, farmers markets, spending the entire day at the beach, traveling, breweries and board games! 

Why UMass: I chose UMass because of the amazing and unique opportunity to complete a double board in Neurology and Psychiatry. The program and the mentors within it felt like the best fit for me, and the opportunities for research and diving deep into my intellectual curiosities seemed endless. I am so happy to get to become a physician in the two specialties I love so much. 

What I like about Central Mass: My favorite part of Central Mass is all of the greenery! The nature is quite beautiful and it is much sunnier here than the Midwest.

Carol Renneburg, MD, MBE (she/her)
UMass Chan Medical School

Academic interests: addiction psychiatry, women’s mental health, LGBTQIA+ mental health, and therapy

Personal interests: Disc golf, skiing, running, tabletop roleplaying games such as Dungeons and Dragons, video games, reading

Alexandra Ruuska, DO
Midwestern University Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine
Clinical Interests: Psychotherapy, anxiety and mood disorders, existential and relational problems, personality, suicide, end-of-life care, underserved populations and public psychiatry, outpatient and integrated care models, psychodynamic psychopharmacology.
Research Interests: Technology and mental health, trauma, substance use, LGBTQ+ health, neuropsychiatry, ethics.
Other Interests/Hobbies: Comedy, indie music, poetry, guitar, home recording, live music, film, art, literature, politics, philosophy, racquet sports, craft beer, board games, video games.
Why UMass: I visited loved ones in New England during medical school and found the culture to be highly compatible with my values, so I completed audition rotations in the area. I was particularly impressed with the Massachusetts healthcare system due to the quality of care and the emphasis on access. I applied to UMass for these reasons as well as my gut feeling that it was a wonderful fit. The biopsychosocial-cultural perspective, caliber of instruction, and supportive program culture at UMass were praised during interview season and have been echoed in my experience. I couldn’t be happier with my training in psychiatry here at UMass.
What I like about Central Mass: The people, the trees, and the breweries.

Brandon Trojanowski, MD
Rush Medical College, Chicago

Clinical  Interest: Child and Adolescent, Addiction, Technology in Psychiatry, Interventional Psychiatry 

Personal interests: I enjoy fishing, hiking, camping and pretty much every other activity out in nature - I am currently trying to hone my pickleball, snowboarding, and bouldering skills! I love to cook and enjoy trying new recipes. I prioritize physical fitness, friends, family, girlfriend, and my most recent time vacuum- my adorable Bernedoodle, Mochi!

Why apply to umass: I applied to Umass because of its excellent child and adolescent psychiatry training. I originally grew up in California and completed medical school in Chicago, so figured it was time to experience the east coast for residency. I enjoyed every single interaction with Umass faculty on interview day and knew this would be where I would complete my training!

What I like about Central Mass: I absolutely love the beauty of central mass! There are so many bodies of water to fish, trails to hike, and new places to explore. I am extremely excited to soak in the beautiful colors of fall with the changing of the leaves. I enjoy the drivable distance to so many fun areas, including Boston which is only 45 minutes away. There is a great sense of community here, and I am extremely excited to continue exploring what the East Coast has to offer while training at Umass. 



Anton Bogdan, MD
University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine
Academic Interests: Addiction psychiatry, social determinants of health, holistic medicine
Personal Interests: Good books, racquetball, video games, movies
Why UMass: I was looking for a residency that would assist me in becoming an excellent psychiatrist. At UMASS, I have access to faculty who are leaders in their field, a diverse and complex patient population, and research projects to which I can contribute. UMASS also offers great neuropsychiatry training for both combined and categorical psychiatry residents, which is exceedingly rare across the country but best for patient care. Once here, I’ve come to appreciate the high level of academic and personal support, protected didactics, and great faculty to resident ratios. 
What I like about Central Mass: I was nervous leaving the Midwest for the East Coast, but I have found the community of Worcester to be very welcoming and friendly. Traffic is fairly light and there are plentiful green spaces to enjoy. The restaurant and bar scene is excellent. 

Dipavo Banerjee, DO
Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine
Academic Interests: Treatment-resistant mood disorders, child and adolescent psychiatry, psychedelic psychiatry, ketamine, ECT
Personal Interests: Martial arts, kickboxing, trivia, baseball, football, gaming, memes
Why UMass: I love that UMass is education-focused and emphasizes the development of academic interests. Senior residents and faculty encourage mentorship and check-in frequently. Resident feedback is asked for and acted upon quickly. 
What I like about Central Mass: Not being from the area, I wasn’t sure what Central MA would be like. It has been a pleasant surprise! The area has an abundance of restaurants, breweries and outdoor spaces including the new Woo Sox stadium. Worcester is the second largest city in New England and a convenient drive to Boston and other cities.

Danielle Clifford, MD
SUNY Upstate Medical University 
Academic Interests: child and adolescent psychiatry, college mental health, women’s mental health, mindfulness, education reform 
Personal Interests: hiking, camping, baking, yoga, exploring new restaurants, traveling 
Why UMass: One of the many reasons why I chose UMass was the unique child psychiatry track. This track offers special faculty mentorship in child psychiatry, allows residents to rotate in pediatric subspecialties (peds neuro, genetics, adolescent medicine, etc), and guarantees a fellowship position in child and adolescent psychiatry.
What I like about Central Mass: I appreciate that Worcester is conveniently located close to Boston, but far enough away from the hustle and bustle of the city. As someone that appreciates nature, I love going to Tower Hill Botanical Gardens and the nearby state parks! 

Gillie Menashe, DO (She/Her)
Nova Southeastern University 
Clinical interests: TBI/Concussions, Forensic psychiatry, Underserved mental health, Mood disorders
Other interests/hobbies: Traveling, music, meeting new people, napping, chocolate 

Why UMass: There are so many things I love about this program--the endless opportunities to explore your interests, diverse patient population, receptive faculty, etc etc-- but ultimately it was the people that solidified my decision. Every person I have met so far has been genuinely kind, curious, passionate and supportive. Grateful to learn and grow within the UMass community! 
What I like about Central Mass: Living here has been a very pleasant surprise! You are so close to everything, from beautiful mountains to big cities, to quaint little beach towns and gorgeous lakes. You'll also find great food, awesome breweries, and some pretty wonderful people around.

Gina Savella, MD
University of Maryland School of Medicine
Academic Interests: women’s mental health, first break psychosis, college mental health, family therapy, mental health stigma
Personal Interests: Baking (and sharing the results), hiking in New England, playing tennis, gardening, going to the beach
Why UMass: A few things I love about UMass Psychiatry are the supportive faculty and leadership’s responsiveness to resident feedback. The program offers a healthy balance of supervision and independence, and values resident education as demonstrated by one full day of didactics each week.
What I like about Central Mass: Central Massachusetts is a great location for me because I can easily visit family and friends who live in Boston and RI. There are also plenty of beautiful parks, lakes, breweries, vineyards, hiking trails, and great restaurants nearby! 

Emily Slominski, MD
Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Academic Interests: child and adolescent psychiatry: LGBTQ+ mental health, community psychiatry, first episode psychosis, autism, vocational rehabilitation
Personal Interests: Hammocking, drawing, doing puzzles or playing board games, as well as road trips and camping!
Why UMass: I was looking for a close-knit, supportive program that had a diverse array of clinical sites and opportunities, as well as psychotherapy teaching and opportunities to explore my own interests. I found a few programs that fit that description, but when I interviewed at UMass, there was that feeling of “fit” that I didn’t get as strongly anywhere else. I can’t put my finger on exactly what it was...perhaps it was the residents, the connection with faculty, encouragement for leadership opportunities, or interesting community initiatives. But whatever it was, I am beyond happy that I listened to my gut.
What I like about Central Mass: As for Central MA, I love how there are both city and nature options! I like exploring the Worcester Public Market and local restaurants with my co-residents as well as going to a local park to play frisbee golf or hike, and then Boston is always within driving distance if I want to spend the day in a bigger city.

Naillil Torres Moreno, MD
Ponce Health Sciences University
Academic Interests: Child-Adolescent psychiatry, Consultation-liaison psychiatry, Student mental health and ECT.
Personal Interests: watching movies/series, road trips, crafting, interior design and my dog: kiwi :)
Why UMass: I ranked UMass because the program offers a lot of opportunities for residents to explore and expose themselves to different areas of psychiatry. I wanted to train in a program where residents have the opportunity to treat and learn about a variety of diagnosis and a diversity of patients. Also, co-residents and staff are very friendly, motivated and ready to help and teach.
What I like about Central Mass: What I like about Central Mass is the lake views, the many hiking trails and the food! Also it’s just an hour away from Boston!!



Kimberly Piccoli, DO
University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine
Academic interests: addiction psychiatry, mood disorders, forensic psychiatry
Personal interests: Hiking, cooking, baking, reading
Why UMass: I applied to UMass for so many reasons! The program has endless opportunities to explore different areas of psychiatry, which was very important to me because I am still keeping an open mind about in which area of psychiatry I will practice. Another huge factor was the strong training in medicine and neurology!
What I like about Central Mass: My favorite thing about central Massachusetts is how accessible it is. There are great restaurants, hiking spots and shops nearby and easy to access. Also, Boston and Providence are both less than an hour drive, so you can always find something new.

Ariella Shayani, MD, MPH
Tufts University School of Medicine
Academic interests: Child and adolescent psychiatry, quality improvement, mental health innovation, public sector psychiatry, and population health.
Personal interests: Cooking, yoga, spending time with family.
Why UMass: As UMass is the primary provider for psychiatric services for MA, I was excited about the large and diverse patient volume. I was also inspired by the innovation at the institution that is made possible by the large amount of funding provided by the state to the UMass psychiatry department. I enjoy using her clinical skills to contribute community mental health programs, including the Sibling Support Group Program and the Worcester Asylum Clinic.
What I like about Central Mass: The community here is filled with nice people!

Ethan Lindenbaum, DO
Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine-Virginia Campus
Academic interests: child and adolescent psychiatry, forensic psychiatry, eating disorders, college student mental health
Personal interests: Spending time with my five dogs and one cat, running, traveling, hiking, food, the beach, jazz music, did I mention spending time with my animals?
Why UMass: What led me to apply to UMass was the dedication to teaching, the approachable residents and faculty, and the emphasis on tailoring training to meet the needs of each unique resident.
What I like about Central Mass: It's in a great location where you are so close to many different activities and cities. I also love all of the state parks and the wildlife in central Mass.

Takeiya Lynch, MD (She/her/hers)
Florida International University 
Clinical interests: Women’s Mental Health, Public policy, inpatient psychiatry, Hospital Administration, Social determinants of health and the impact on mental health
Research interests: Cultural psychiatry, psychopharmacology 
Other interests/hobbies: Gardening, Exercise, traveling, Wordle (+ all of its iterations), white water rafting, Level 99 enthusiast, snow tubing, video games, arcade, zoos, museums
Why UMass: I started out and completed a year as an OBGYN resident in another program before choosing to transfer to UMass as a PGY-2 psychiatry resident. Everyone I encountered here including residents, faculty, and staff, have all been very welcoming and kind. The program has been very accommodating to my unique situation and have made the transition as smooth as possible. I definitely feel like I made the right choice, and I don’t regret anything. 
What I like about Central Mass: I love living in Worcester. It’s a relatively small city with its own unique, quirky culture.  There’s lots of fun things to do in each season. It’s accessible to many nearby states as well as Canada. I do a new activity and/or travel to a new area every weekend and I’m nowhere near running out of things to do.

Maite Cintron Pastrana, MD
University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine
Academic interests: Psychoanalysis, Therapy, and Interventional Psychiatry.
Personal interests: My interests are gardening, reading, traveling, dancing, and learning new sports.
Why UMass: I applied to UMASS due to the opportunity to receive training and supervision on ECT, TMS, therapy, and psychoanalysis. I ranked UMASS, given that the happiest and most grateful residents were those from UMASS.
What I like about Central Mass: My favorite things about central Mass are the lake views, the restaurants, the diversity, and UMASS.

Alexandra (Lexi) Pumilia, DO
Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine, Middletown
Academic interests: Child psychiatry, women's mental health, student mental health, nutrition, sports psychiatry and psychoanalysis.
Personal interests: Cooking/baking, trying new recipes, discovering new TV shows and quoting old ones, painting, home workouts, traveling, kayaking, hiking, visiting breweries and wineries
Why UMass: After spending every summer in the Berkshires growing up, I grew very fond of and comfortable with the idea of someday living in Massachusetts. I was immediately drawn to UMass knowing that there would be many opportunities to work with medical students and to be exposed to a wide variety of clinical opportunities within and outside of Psychiatry. Not only is the UMass system known for its academic strength, but also its strong ties to patient care for the surrounding community.
What I like about Central Mass: My favorite thing about central Mass is that it seems like the best kept secret (which I guess I'm giving away now). There are so many fun things to do in the area like hiking, kayaking on one of the MANY lakes, exploring breweries, going to drive-in movies and antiquing. Not to mention, there's no shortage of homemade ice cream! There is a real sense of community here and I knew it was one I wanted to be a part of.

Lily Millen DO, Adult/Child Psychiatry
University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine
Academic interests: I am interested in learning more about the effects of early childhood trauma on development.  I would like to continue my research into Adverse Childhood Events (ACEs) and ways in which we can innovate in the field of psychiatry to provide better screening and access of mental health care for child and adolescent patient populations.
Personal interests: I love to run.  I guess for me it is a form of meditation and it is something that I truly do for myself.  I use the time to tune out the world, to refocus and quiet my mind.  Some of my other favorite activities include Hatha Yoga, creative and poetry, cooking, global travel, and spending time with my friends and family. 
Why UMass: I am a Massachusetts native, but I have not lived in the state since I was 14 and going away to high school.  I was excited to return to my home state for residency and to finally have my fellow New England sports fans surrounding me again.  I chose the residency program at UMass because I know that at its core, it is training well-rounded clinical physicians.  Being in Worcester, we have the privilege of caring for a distinctively diverse patient population in city that is rapidly expanding and changing.  Despite being such a large institution with clinical researchers, medical students, and several residency programs, I really appreciated the supportive community and collegial environment of the program. I was also impressed by the sheer number of “UMass-Lifers”; so I had to assume there was something that drew everyone to want to stay here!  I am grateful for the opportunity to train here and excited to be able to pursue my interests in Child Psychiatry at UMass.
What I like about Central Mass: Worcester is a growing city that is expanding and evolving very quickly.  There are all kinds of new restaurants, breweries, and outdoor activities, including the local Wachusett mountain ski area.  It’s also very close to Boston, which is another incredible and historic city to have fun in and explore.



Erica Sorrentino, DO (She/Her)
University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine
Clinical interests: Integrated care, college mental health, disaster psychiatry
Other interests/hobbies: Being with family and friends, art history, reading memoirs on mental illness
Why UMass: I applied to UMass because of the engaged, approachable faculty and emphasis on resident education with full-day didactics.
What I like about Central Mass: My favorite thing about living in central MA is the location! In about an hour I can be in the bustling streets of Boston, at the ocean, skiing in the mountains, or hiking in the Berkshires!

Howard Nguyen, DO
College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific at Pomona
Academic interests: Geriatric psychiatry, ethics, palliative medicine
 Why UMass: I was drawn to UMass due to its strong basis in neurology and neuropsychiatry

Bennett Wechsler, MD
State University of NY at Stony Brook School of Medicine
Academic interests: Interventional Psychiatry, Substance Use Treatment
Personal interests: I really enjoy being outside, whether that means running, hiking, kayaking, or just reading a good book in the sun.
What I like about Central Mass: I wanted to spend my residency years in a place where there was easy access to the outdoors and nature, but that wasn't also too far from city living.  The fact that my wife also wanted these things didn't hurt, and we were lucky enough to couples match :)
There is an incredible amount of diversity in Worcester, and we as a training program are able to see that rich tapestry firsthand in the patients we treat.  I initially applied because of the access to city life, as well as nature, which I try to enjoy every chance I can; however, what I didn't expect the city to be as international as it turned out to be.  This was definitely a welcome surprise and adds a layer to my appreciation.

Josh Kriegel, MD
Boston University School of Medicine
Academic Interests: Psychedelics in psychiatry, yoga and breath, philosophy of mind
Personal interests: Skiing, playing music and live music, yoga, tennis, hiking, SUP/kayaking
Why UMass: The unique focus on neuroscience in psychiatry, the rich history of mindfulness at UMass.
What I like about Central Mass: The beautiful surrounding area and the chance to live on Lake Quinsig for a fraction of the cost of my Boston apartment!

Alexander Lichtenberg, MD, Neuropsychiatry
New York Medical College
Academic interests: Neuropsychiatry, cross-cultural psychiatry
Personal interests: Hiking, reading
Why UMass: I was interested in UMass due to its combined neurology/psychiatry program.
What I like about Central Mass: I like the easy access to beautiful hikes that central MA provides.

PGY-5 Neuropsychiatry Resident

Pooja Modi, MD
Rutgers RW Johnson Medical School 


PGY-6 Neuropsychiatry Resident

Taylor Young, MD, MA, Neuropsychiatry
University of Massachusetts Medical School
Academic Interests: Schizophrenia, epilepsy, psychosis, multiple sclerosis, dementia, movement disorders, inflammation and immunology, psychotherapy, genetics/genomics and neurodevelopment disorders, language and natural language processing, biological and artificial neural networks, computational and clinical research.
Personal interests: Spending time with my family and dogs (hiking, weekend road-trips, relaxing), gardening/yardwork, playing guitar, watching really bad reality TV
Why UMass: Aside from the UMASS neuropsychiatry residency being the oldest and most well-established of the combined neurology and psychiatry training programs, a major draw for me was Dr. B: it was clear he had created something special and that his passions for education, neurology, and psychiatry had been thoughtfully applied to the program's structure and that the residents were equally curious and passionate about neuropsychiatry. Aside from clinical education, UMASS has extensive and broad research opportunities. Even as a medical student, I found excellent support and mentorship for research programs across several departments.
 What I like about Central Mass: There is a low cost of living, excellent local food, art, music, etc., easy access to larger cities like Boston, Providence, and New York, and easy access to nature and outdoor activities.