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Millennium PhD Program

In the new millennium, collaborative efforts between basic and clinical investigators are crucial to realize the wealth of knowledge derived from the human genome project and other important discoveries in biomedical research. These collaborative relationships will result in significant improvements in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases.

The Millennium PhD Program (MPP) ensures that physicians are equipped with the tools necessary to allow patients to benefit from the remarkable advances in knowledge derived from basic biomedical research.

The MPP grants PhD degrees to people who previously earned an MD. The students are given substantial credit for medical school classes, so that only a minimum number of additional didactic courses (as few as one) are required before the student can take a qualifying exam. 


During the Millennium PhD Program (MPP) training years, the student must devote a minimum of 80% of the time to graduate studies and research. Up to 20% can be spent doing other activities, such as clinical rotations. There is a typical qualifying exam and thesis defense requirement. The student and mentor can choose members of the Research Advisory Committee from any faculty in an existing Morningside Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences program. 

To obtain a PhD degree from MPP, a candidate:

  • Will have received an MD or its equivalent degree, is in the process of completing, or have completed, clinical residency and/or fellowship training. 
  • Will pass required course work. 
  • Will pass the qualifying exam. 
  • Will write a PhD dissertation on their original research. 
  • Will pass the final PhD exam.

The PhD Degree issued will be in Biomedical Sciences.


Admission to the MPP is limited to physicians already affiliated with UMass Chan Medical School and who have identified a mentor and department willing to cover their part of the total stipend. The MPP encourages applications from UMass Chan physicians with an MD or equivalent degree and UMass Chan graduate and undergraduate medical students who are officially enrolled in any clinical clerkship, residency and/or fellowship programs at UMass Chan, or who have completed such clinical training. Medical students applying for MPP must receive their MD before starting MPP training. Candidates will be reviewed and selected for participation in the program by the MPP Advisory Board.

Typical MPP candidates are physicians in subspecialty fellowship programs who are doing research and contemplating NIH KO8 applications. Other typical candidates are medical residents enrolled in the research track.

Application for Admission

Interested candidates should contact the Millennium PhD Program Director, Chinmay Trivedi, MD, PhD.

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