J-1 Immigration Packet

The sponsoring UMMS department should forward the completed J-1 immigration packet to their department's designated Immigration Specialist within the Immigration Services Office at least 3 months prior to the desired arrival date.  Please note the following:

  • All requested items must be submitted in completion. Incomplete forms or missing documentation may cause delays in issuance of the Form DS-2019.
  • Please verify that all prospective Exchange Visitor names be written exactly as they appear in the exchange visitors' passport.
  • While we require the forms to be signed, we do accept scanned pdf copies of the original packets via e-mail with the exclusion of the PI Visa Support Letter.

J-1 Immigration Packet Contents

  • J-1 Intake Form, Part 1: Request for Sponsorship:  To be completed by host department.
  • J-1 Intake Form, Part 2: Request for Sponsorship:  To be completed by prospective exchange visitor.
  • Family Data Sheet:  If requesting visa documents for spouse and/or unmarried children under age 21. 
  • J-1 Transfer-in Form:  Required for individuals who are already in the U.S. in J-1 status at another institution.
  • M.D. Statement:  Required for any prospective exchange visitor holding a medical degree (M.D. or equivalent).
  • PI Visa Support Letter:  Original with signature needed - not pdf copy.
  • UMMS Offer Letter (If UMMS funded).
  • Verification of non-UMMS funding (if applicable).
  • Copy of highest awarded diploma (in native language accompanied by certified English translation, if applicable).
  • Up-to-date C.V.
  • Biographical information pages from passport listing name & birth date for prospective J-1 (and dependents if applicable).
  • Copies of current visa documents (if prospective exchange visitor is currently in the U.S.).
  • Copies of visa documents showing any prior time spent in the U.S. in J1 or J2 visa status.

Information for J1 Student Interns

Please review the J-1 Student Intern Requirements and additional documents linked below, required to sponsor a J-1 Student Intern: