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How to Invite an International Employee or Contingent Worker to UMMS

A person accepting an offer of employment with UMMS must have valid immigration status prior to beginning employment, and must maintain valid immigration status (with continual authorization for employment) throughout the duration of the appointment.  Immigration Services works closely with our HR Recruiters and Employment Specialists to insure a smooth on-boarding process for all newcomers. 

Each non-immigrant status has different eligibility criteria and conditions. We encourage you to review the guidelines for each status and contact Immigration Services with any questions.  We recommend that you contact us to begin the process as soon as you consider inviting an international employee or contingent worker as significant lead time is often required.

Postdoctoral Appointments - Contingent Workers (fully supported by non-UMMS source funding) - Other Appointments

Postdoctoral Appointments

Postdoctoral Appointments are processed through HR-Employment and through Immigration Services.  Please be sure to contact both areas in advance of the appointment.  Once the screening process is completed and the offier is made, Immigration Services will determine appropriate visa type and process any required paperwork with the department administator. 

Contingent Workers

Contigenter Workers are affiliates who are fully funded by non-UMMS sources (excluding personal funds) that meet UMMS minimum salary requirements for equivalent position.  Contingent Workers may be eligible for J-1 status.  Immigration Services screens the prospective Contigent Worker for sponsorship eligibility and issues immgiration documents.  HR-Employment also requires paperwork for Contingent Workers.

Other Appointments

All UMMS appointments are posted and cleared through HR-Employment.  Please contact Immigration Services once the prospective employee is determined.