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Various Dept Based Elective Course Description

Course Name: Clinical Skills Elective
Course Number: XX-465
Elective Type: C  
Coordinator(s): Tracy Kedian, MD
Department: Family & Community Health
Sites Available: UMMHC-University Campus & Shrewsbury Campus
Months Offered: EE1-M10
Number of Students / Month: 4
Prerequisites: By arrangement only 
* Offered to Umass Students Only

Enrollment Process: Approval from coordinator required; email approval to to schedule

Elective Description: This elective is designed to help students improve in any area of competency┬Ł in which they feel they would like to improve. The following are some of the areas we have worked on in the past.

Study strategies
Organizational skills
Life-long learning skills (including study strategies, using evidence based medicine sources, experiential learning strategies)
Clinical problem solving
Communication skills with patients, team members, or colleagues
Oral presentation skills
Physical exam skills
Issues of professionalism

The elective is based upon the individual needs of the student. It is a one month elective where the student works one on one with faculty. There are usually 4-6 sessions┬Ł per week. In between sessions the student is expected to do homework or independent study. The setting is tailored to the needs of the student and may occur in the hospital, ED, outpatient setting, simulation lab, or in a classroom. It is graded on a Credit/No credit basis.

Note: * Offered to UMass Students Only

Location:  UMMHC-University Campus, 55 Lake Avenue North, Worcester, MA  01655
                 Shrewsbury Campus, South Street, Shrewsbury, MA  01545

Website:  Center for Academic Achievement: