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Surgery Elective Course Description

Course Name: Cardiac Surgery
Course Number: SU-471
Elective Type: A

Contact: Marilyn Lavergne

Department: Surgery
Sites Available: University Campus
Months Offered: M1-M11
Number of Students / Month: 1
Prerequisites: UMass Students only
GOAL:  To expose students to semi-structured experience in Cardiac Surgery while emphasizing basic surgical principles or pre/intra/post operative and follow-up care.
The student will be assigned to a scrub as a 2nd assistant by the Chief Resident.  The assignments will expose the student to a broad spectrum of cardiac pathology including routine cases and ICU and on call emergencies.
The student will have a checklist of case types to view and or scrub to include:  aortic valve, mitral valve, CABG, ASC AO aneurysm/dissection, MAZE transplant, pedi, VAD postoperative bleeding.
Call assignment will be one night per week with an upper level senior to care for postoperative patients and to assist in the workup of nighttime consults and emergencies.
The student will prepare a presentation with the attending of the students choice in an area of cardiac surgery that the student finds interesting.  The student will make a 20 minute presentation to the residents and students during the 3rd or 4th week of the rotation.
The student will spend part of the week to work up inpatient consults and spend time in clinic on Wednesdays.  The goal of this will be to teach the student to recognize the presentation of general types of cardiac pathology  ie. AS, CAD aneurysm, MR, ASD etc.
The student will be expected to make morning and afternoon rounds with the team to see decisions made for immediate and delayed post-op issues that arise ie. bleeding, extubation, diuresis, atrial fibrillation, VF arrest, wound infection and tamponade.
The student will be required to comply with the 80 hour work week of the residents.
Note: NA
Location:    University Campus