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Pathology Elective Course Description

Course Name: Hematopathology
Course Number: PA-417
Elective Type: B2 
Coordinator(s): Charles Abbott,MD
Contact: Stephanie Wade 
or Medical Education Office @ 413-447-2715
Department: Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Sites Available: Berkshire Medical Center Laboratory
Months Offered: All with prior arrangement
Number of Students / Month: 1
Prerequisites: Internal Medicine/Surgery
Enrollment Process: Approval from coordinator required; email approval to to schedule
Elective Description: Activities will be shared between the laboratory hematology areas which involves blood and fluid cell counting and morphologic analysis, and coagulation testing; and the hematopathology area which deals with bone marrow aspirate smear evaluation, histologic examination of bone marrow and lymph node sections, and flow cytometry. The department is organized in such a way as to allow participants to fully integrate both hematology laboratory data and hematopathologic findings on each patient. A review of interesting cases will take place with Dr. Abbott weekly, and as interesting cases come into the department.

Objectives of the Elective: The objectives of this elective are to provide the student with an overview of the instruments and procedures used in the operation of a clinical hematology laboratory. Will learn morphology of both peripheral and bone marrow smears using clinical material and study sets and will correlate findings on current patients with other laboratory and surgical pathology data.

Key Responsibilities of student while on Elective: 1. Students will attend all conferences that Medical Technology students attend during their hematology rotation. 2. Students will attend the weekly multidisciplinary Cancer Conference. 3. Students will participate in hematopathology consultations.

Didactic Program: Students will participate in the same didactic sessions as medical technology students.
Method of Evaluation: Evaluation will be subjectively based on interactions with the director and hematology manager.
Note: N/A
Location: Berkshire Medical Center Laboratory, 725 North Street, Pittsfield, MA  01201