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Medicine Elective Course Description

Course Name: Hematology
Course Number: ME-421
Elective Type: B1 
Coordinator(s): A. Daniyal Siddiqui, MD (Primary)

Contact:  Madelyn Amoroso

Department: Medicine
Sites Available: St. Vincent Hospital at Worcester Medical Center
Months Offered: E1, M3-M5, M7-M10
Number of Students / Month:
Prerequisites: 4th year student 
Elective Description: To teach medical students the correct approach to the investigation and management of anemias, leukopenias and thrombocytopenias, and to diagnose bleeding disorders and evaluate abnormal coagulation tests. Students will also learn the management of hematologic malignancies including leukemias, lymphomas and monoclonal gamopathies. Finally, in conjunction with laboratory medicine, normal and pathologic blood smears and bone marrow slides will be evaluated, and practical aspects of blood transfusion will be reviewed. 
Note: NA
Location: St. Vincent Hospital at Worcester Medical Center, 123 Summer Street, Worcester, MA 01608