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International Medicine Elective Course Description

Course Name: Foundations of Global Health
Course Number: INTUFC-451
Elective Type:

Nicaragua: UMass Faculty Member (Sponsor)
and External Direct Site Supervisor

University: Olga Valdman, MD


Family Medicine & Community Health

Sites Available: UMass 2wks. / Nicaragua 2 wks.
Months Offered:

Didactics:  Feb 9, 2015 - Feb 19, 2015 (2-weeks)
Nicaragua Trip:  Feb 21, 2015 - Mar 6, 2015 (2 weeks)  

Number of Students / Month:
Prerequisites: * Offered to UMass Students Only
Elective Description: This course includes all day classes in global health for two weeks here (UMass) and then a two week community health trip to Nicaragua in which students learn about the health care system there. Students may opt to take the 2 week Worcester/UMass portion only.

Note: If doing 4 weeks: Please notify Olga Valdman, MD immediately to make arrangement for Nicaragua travel. 

If doing 2 weeks: Complete the Internal Elective form and send to: Olga Valdman, MD.

* Offered to Umass Students Only

Location:  UMass 2wks. and Nicaragua 2 wks.

Website:  Additional information on the UMass Chan OUME International Medical Education website.