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International Medicine Elective Course Description

Course Name Medical Language Training  (other than Spanish)
Course Number FC-460
Elective Type C
Coordinator Michael Chin, MD
Department Department of Family Medicine and Community Health, UMass Chan
Sites Available UMMHC - University Campus
Months Offered E2, M2, M4, M6, M8, M10
Number of Weeks Offered 4 weeks
Number of Students/Month 6
Prerequisites (1)   Successful completion of 3rd year clerkships; (2)   Student must have discussed the elective and received approval from Dr. Michael Chin to participate in the elective
Enrollment Process Approval from coordinator required

Elective Description: This elective consists of the following 3 components:

Starting in Academic Year 2020-2021, this elective is available only for students focusing on a non-English language other than Spanish during the elective.

1.   Non-English language training:  The student will select a non-English language of their interest, and improve their skills in that language, including skills for use in medical settings. Prior to, and/or at the onset of elective, the student will establish the specific methods and resources for their language training, which may include online classes, in-person courses, and language-training resources such as text books, audio recordings, and on-line resources.

2.   Development of curriculum and resources for medical students and professionals to improve their non-English language skills:  The student will work with the faculty member(s) for the elective to develop curriculum and resources that can be used by other medical students and professions to improve their non-English language skills. This includes, at a minimum, contributing to two resources that UMass Chan medical students and Dr. Michael Chin have previously initiated.

3.   Observation of medical interpreters (optional): In order to observe medical interpretative skills in practice, the student has the option of observing medical interpreters and/or medical personnel using non-English languages at a location such as the University of Massachusetts Memorial Health Care (UMMHC) University Campus, and/or one of the community health centers in Worcester.
Note: Offered to UMass Students Only