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Psychiatry Grand Rounds Video Archive 2013 - 2014

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2013-14 Videos

June 26, 2014 Suicide, Risk, Clinical Practice and Law
June 19, 2014 Acute Psychotic and Non Psychotic Depressive Episodes in Bipolar Disorder Type I: A Pilot Inpatient Chart Review Study of Pharmacologic Treatments Rendered
June 12, 2014 Neurobiology of Child Abuse
June 5, 2014 Does psychosis increase the risk of suicide in major depression?
May 29, 2014 Strengthening the Organization's Healing Potential: Utilizing Evidence-based Assessment Strategies to Effect Lasting Behavioral Change and Recovery
May 22, 2014 Medical Management of Inpatient Benzodiazepine Withdrawal
May 8, 2014 From Freud to Fraternities: Developmental Psychopathology in Emerging Adulthood
April 24, 2014 Undertaking a Quality Improvement Initiative: Impact on Clinical Practice, System Dynamics, Advocacy, and Innovation
April 17, 2014 Postgraduate Psychotherapy Training: What to Teach, How to Teach, and How to Assess
April 10, 2014 Bipolar Disorder: From Neurobiology to Treatment Interventions
April 3, 2014 Bereavement and the DSM-5: Challenges, Controversies and Resolutions
March 27, 2014 Culture and DSM-5
March 20, 2014 Alcohol, Habit Formation and the Role of the Dorsal Striatum
March 13, 2014 Psychiatric Advance Directives and Capacity to Consent to Treatment
March 6, 2014 unavailable - Families at Risk: Treating Depressed Mothers of School Age Children
February 27, 2014 unavailable - Psychiatry and Health Care Reform
February 20, 2014 Long-term Treatment of Schizophrenia: New Data and New Strategies
Feb 6, 2014 Inflammation and Schizophrenia
Jan 30, 2014 Medical Marijuana: A Half-Baked Cautionary Tale?
Jan 23, 2014 unavailable - Advances in the Neurobiology of Schizophrenia
Jan 16, 2014 Current Models for Understanding and Treating Delusions
Jan 9, 2014 Being With the Patient: The Use of “Clinical Evidence,” Reconsidered
Dec 19, 2013 Why Do People Hurt Themselves? Recent Advances in the Understanding of Suicide and Self-Injury
Dec 12, 2013 Medical and Psychiatric Ethics in the Shadow of the Holocaust: The Nazi Doctors, Racial Hygiene, Murder and Genocide
Dec 5, 2013 Clinical Update on First-Episode and Early Psychosis
Nov 21, 2013 Psychotic Depression – Before, During, and After
Nov 14, 2013 The MHISSION Care Management System – Enhancing Public Safety Using a Public Health Model
Nov 7, 2013 What does wellness have to do with it? Supporting our patients in their mental health recovery
Oct 31, 2013 Behavioral Health Integration Efforts Afoot in MA and It's Call to Public Psychiatrists
Oct 24, 2013 Advances in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Psychotic Depression
Oct 17, 2013 Why is it more difficult for women to quit smoking? Translating knowledge into practice
Oct 3, 2013 Risk of Depression during the Menopausal Transition: New Data on Reproductive Events during the Reproductive Years
Sep 26, 2013 Modeling for Neural Circuitry Abnormalities in Schizophrenia
Sep 19, 2013 What Healthcare Professionals Should Know About Menopause and Perimenopause
Sep 12, 2013 unavailable - Psychosis in Youth & Comorbid Conditions: Psychosis and Trauma, Psychosis and Autism
Sep 5, 2013 Addressing Wellness & Recovery Through Organizational Change