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Other Medical Specialists or Concerns


Audiological Evaluation

Youth are frequently referred for an audiological evaluation, which is a full speech and language evaluation in a soundproof booth. The need for this should be discussed between caregiver and pediatrician. These evaluations can be obtained at agencies such as:

  • UMass Memorial Medical Center Audiological Services, Worcester, 508-856-3996.
  • Audiology Associates of Worcester, Worcester 508-792-9293.
  • Heywood Rehab Center- Audiology Gardner, 978-630-6932.

Constipation and other Gastrointestinal (GI) Symptoms

Many children with a diagnosis of ASD also have constipation and/or GI symptoms for at least a period of time. Caregivers should discuss diagnosis and treatment with their child’s pediatrician, and/or request a referral to a pediatric gastroenterologist, a physician who specializes in diagnosing and treating GI issues.


Trips to the dentist can be stressful for everyone. Some children with a diagnosis of ASD can’t tolerate a visit to the dentist, but still need dental care. Some clinics offer sedation when absolutely necessary. Local clinics include:

Franciscan Dental Clinic, Brighton, 617-254-3800 x 3790

Boston Children’s Hospital Dental Clinic, Boston, 617-355-6571

Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, Boston facility: 617-636-6971. Tufts also provides pediatric dental services throughout MA. For a list of locations, please visit Tufts Dental Facilities

Boston University Pediatric Dental Clinic, Boston, 617-358-8313.

Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician (DBP)

DBPs are a subspecialty of Pediatrics who have specialized training in child behavior, developmental, and social-emotional skills. A DBP is able to provide an autism evaluation.

Here are some agencies where there are developmental behavioral pediatricians:


Toilet-training a child with ASD can be challenging. Please discuss any difficulties with the child’s pediatrician.

Autism Speaks has published a toolkit for parents, “Parents Guide to Toilet Training a Child with Autism.” This free resource can be obtained here, or by calling Autism Speaks at 888-288-4762. This tool kit is also available en Español.

Here are some agencies that provide specialized help with toilet training when it is problematic:


If a child meets criteria, MassHealth may pay for absorbent products (diapers, briefs) for children who have incontinence, if it is deemed to be medically necessary and prescribed by a physician. For more information, please see the MassHealth Guidelines for Medical Necessity Determination for Absorbent Products.

Vision Specialists

Vision issues are not uncommon for youth diagnosed with ASD, but obtaining a vision evaluation can be challenging. Some of the vision specialists in the Worcester area who have worked well with youth with an ASD diagnosis include:

  • John M. Abbondanza, OD, 30 Turnpike Rd, Southborough, MA (508) 481-8558.
  • The Eye and Vision Center, 10 Lincoln Square, Worcester, MA 01608 (508) 373-5830.
  • Premier Optical Dr. Kazarian, 591 Lincoln St, Worcester, MA (508) 852-7522.        
  • Vision Source of Worcester, 335 Park Ave, Worcester, MA (508) 753-5103 Brian Thamel.

If a family lives outside of the Worcester area, please talk with your child’s pediatrician about vision. If an eye examination is needed, ask the pediatrician for a vision specialist who has experience working with youth with an ASD diagnosis.