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Other Appointments and Resources in the Community


Blood Draws

Blood draws can be difficult for any child, and can be very difficult for a child with an autism diagnosis. Please see the free toolkit by Autism Speaks, Parents Guide to Blood Draw for Children with Autism. It is also available en Español. The tips and techniques in this toolkit can also be applied to other aspects of a doctor’s visit, including getting vital signs taken and managing wait times.


Haircuts can be challenging for children with an autism diagnosis due to sensory issues, anxiety, confusion over what to expect etc. Please see the free resource from Autism Speaks, Successful Haircuts for Children with Autism at Haircutting Training Guide. It is also available en Español.


Spedchildmass: Website that includes a monthly statewide community calendar including events, activities, camps and listing of trainings, presentations, conferences, and webinars for the special needs community.


GREENDALE FAMILY BRANCH YMCA, Worcester, MA 01605 508-852-6694, 508-852-6694

Whole Children: Whole Children provides recreational, social and enrichment programs for children and teens of all abilities, including those with special needs. It is a social/recreation center, and not a therapeutic program. It is a program of Pathlights and is located in Northhampton.

“The Boston Parents Paper” is a free monthly publication which is available in many libraries. Visit Boston Parents Paper: a guide to schools and camps in Boston and New England.

See Recreation Events at Recreation -