Welcome to the LInC Course and Clerkship Administrators' homepage. Created by the Office of Undergraduate Medical Education, this site serves as a centralized location for all information, documents and forms regarding curriculum-related content and resources for the School of Medicine course and clerkship administrators. 

Course and clerkship administrators meet quarterly, twice a year as a combined group, twice a year separately to discuss institutional updates, changes to processes or protocol, and overall feedback. Click here for meeting information.

Meeting Minutes 

November 16, 2017 
February 8, 2018 | OASIS Presentation 
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March 21, 2018
May 17, 2018 | OASIS Presentation | ExamSoft Presentation

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OASIS Help Page / Knowledge Base

Online Exam Administration Guidelines

Document outlining protocol for any connectivity issues encountered during the administration of online exams. 

Duty Hours

Document outling the definition and standards of student duty hours during clinical rotations. 


Requesting Access

The institution utilizes a wide range of applications, most of which require special requested access. In order to obtain credentials and levels of access you or one of your faculty may need, please follow the corresponding steps below. 


PeopleSoft - System of record containing enrollment information for all courses and clerkships.

In order to obtain login credentials, contact the helpdesk by submitting a ticket or calling at x68643. In order to clarify or change your permissions, please contact the Registrar's office.


Blackboard Learn - Learning Management System containing course resources, student assignments, and in some cases test materials.

To request access for yourself or any necessary course faculty, please submit the Course Access Request form to Carly Eressy. It will then go on to be processed by the Registrar's office, and login credentials will be obtained from the Academic Computing Services IT team.


E*Value - Current Content Managing System, used for evaluation and assessment. Beginning academic year 2018 - 2019, the School of Medicine will be implementing full use of OASIS. 

Contact the Institutional Research Evaluation and Assessment team (IREA).


Distribution Lists - To become members of the following lists, contact the corresponding owner.

LinC FOM1&2 Course Administrators
Owner: Carly Eressy

LinC Clerkship Administrators
Owner: Carly Eressy

Med Class lists
Owner: Registrar's Office


EPIC - Electronic Medical Record for students and clinicians. Click here for information on how to onboard visiting students, as well as information on downloading FollowMe Desktop and the EPIC Playground environment.


Course & Clerkship Administrators

For a list of School of Medicine course leaders and staff as well as student educators, maintained by the Office of Undergraduate Medical Education, please reference the faculty - staff list.






Foundations of Medicine 1 (FOM1)

FM 101: Principles of Human Genetics (PoHG) Deborah Elliott
FM 102: Building Working Cells & Tissues (BWCT) Christina Zollo
FM 103: Integrated Case Exercises 1 (ICE/1) Maxine Schmeidler
FM 104: Doctoring Clinical Skills 1 (DCS/1) Ann Perla
FM 105: Development, Structure, & Function (DSF) Lisa Darling
FM 106: Principles of Pharmacology (PoP) Karen Lekas
FM 107: Cancer Concepts (CAC) Maryann Bishop-Jodoin
FM 108: Host Defense & Blood (HDB) Deborah Elliott
FM 109: Infections (INF) Debra Pellegrino
FM 110: Determinants of Health (DOH/1) Tammy Falla
FM 112: Foundations of Health & Disease (FHD) Lisa Mendes-Eure
Transition to Medical School Curriculum Tina Pierce


Foundations of Medicine 2 (FOM2)

FM 201: The Brain (BrainNSB/2) Lisa Darling
FM 202: Patients (PAT/2) Michelle Santucci
FM 203: Integrated Case Exercises 2 (ICE/2) Maxine Schmeidler
FM 204: Doctoring Clinical Skills 2 (DCS/2) Ann Perla
FM 210: Determinants of Health, PHC (DOH/2) Jennifer Masoud
FM 211: Organ Systems Diseases (OSD) Lisa Mendes-Eure, Deborah Elliott


Core Clinical Experiences (CCE)

Family Medicine Clerkship Karen Rayla
Pediatrics Clerkship Maxine Schmeidler
Psychiatry Clerkship Cindy Snell
Medicine Clerkship Carla Diaz
Neurology Clerkship Lois Holmes
Surgery Clerkship Christine Vigeant
Obstetrics & Gynocology Clerkship Dawn (Ty) Fraga
Flexible Clinical Experiences (FCE) Colleen Burnham, Sue Graceffa
Interstitial Curriculum (ISCs) Sue Collette


PURCH track Core Clincal Experiences (CCE-P)

Family Medicine Clerkship  DIRECTOR (no admin): Stephanie Silverman
Pediatrics Clerkship Bethanie Calvanese 
Psychiatry Clerkship Arlyn Perez-Maldonado 
Medicine Clerkship Laura Slowick 
Neurology Clerkship Maria Ferreira
Surgery Clerkship Margarita Fuentes-Negron 
Obstetrics & Gynocology Clerkship Christine Sealander 


Advanced Studies (AS)

Emergency Clinical Problem Solving (ECPS) Jeff Abbott
Advanced Biomedical & Translational Sciences (ABTS) Eric Mick
Senior Scholars Program Lilibeth Cortez



Capstone Scholarship & Discovery Course Colleen Burnham
Learning Communities  Deb Leger
PURCH (Baystate) track Justin Ayala
Global Health Pathway Lilibeth Cortez
Rural Health Pathway Suzanne Cashman
Clinical Translational Research Pathway Anne Michelson
Optional Enrichment Electives Sue Collette


Other Important Contacts

Academic Computing Services  
Communications Technologies (A/V Services)  
Environmental Building Services (EBS - room setup) Call 1-508-856-5212


The Dean has authorized us to identify up to 3 additional (outside of your course) proctors for exams as needed such that there can be one proctor for each room in the iTLC. In order to coordinate this effort and manage the exam, the course must supply at least one proctor familiar with the course and process. This person could be a faculty or staff member who would instruct the students on basic procedure and to be available to answer process questions. 

The additional proctors come from our Standardized Patient program. Their purpose is to circulate around the space periodically, observing student behavior to identify any who are not in BBL or who seem to be utilizing their laptops out of accordance with test procedures. IT has created some materials to help them become familiar with the look of BBL exams, and we are offering them basic instruction in their proctoring role.

Anyone wishing to use this SP proctor service should please contact Sue Collette directly noting the course name, number of proctors requested, date and time required as well as the location of the exam and the ‘chief’ course proctor’s name. Please allow one week’s notice whenever possible to facilitate scheduling. 


The list below contains information that may be pertinent to your courses & clerkships.

Room Reservations

To reserve space on campus at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, you must request it through the Room Reservations department and receive approval. Room Reservations holds regular trainings on requesting space and correctly utilizing their software application, ResourceScheduler. 

Training Schedule

Click the link above to review when the next trainings are happening on campus.

For a review of protocol or as reference for any questions you may have regarding the room requesting process, please reference the ResourceScheduler training manual

Reserving the iTLC

All administrators will have access to request the iTLC space on their ResourceScheduler views / permissions. Note that all sessions scheduled in the iTLC are subject to be bumped based on any last minute changes to exam scheduling. 


FOM1 & FOM2  
CCE AY 2017 - 2018 CCE AY 2018 - 2019
AS AY 2017 - 2018 AS AY 2018 - 2019


Grade Turnaround Dates

AY 2017 - 2018

AY 2018 - 2019

LiNC Course & Clerkship Leadership Guide

Learning Communities Mentor-Mentee List

ADA Accommodations

For more information regarding ADA Accommodations, please visit the ADA webpage. For specific questions regarding ADA Accommodations, please contact the designated student ADA co-coordinators (information below).

Deborah DeMarco, MD

Dawn Carpenter, DNP, ACNP-BC

Web Application Training Resources

To schedule trainings with Information Technology regarding applications such as BlackBoard Learn, TopHat, EpiServer, Zoom & PeopleSoft please visit the internal IT training schedule or contact the helpdesk directly. For self-directed tutorials on these and other similar applications, please visit the in-depth index of resources on the IT self-directed tutorial page.

Parking Vouchers

Some external lecturers may request compensated or validated parking. There is no institution-wide protocol for this. Any parking vouchers would come out of each individual department budget. If your department is interested in purchasing pre-paid parking vouchers, please contact the parking office.


For external lecturers, faculty or visiting students, the following maps of campus may be helpful resources.

Campus Map

iCELS interactive floor plan

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