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LInC Longitudinal Leadership

[through AY 2024-2025]

Longitudinal | Credit in Advanced Study Year

Capstone Scholarship & Discovery (CSD)
Program Manager | Colleen Burnham
Baystate Support | Emily (Hadley) Byrne

    • Burnham, Colleen
    • Fan, Xiaoduo
    • Gerstein, Rachel
    • Hermos, Christina
    • McAdoo, Sarah
    • Timinetzky, Mayra
    • Zitzewitz, Jill



Longitudinal | Extra-Curricular

Clinical Translational Research Pathway (CTRP)
Administrator | Anne Michelson‚Äč

    • Kiefe, Catarina

Learning Communities (LC)
EPS | Victoria Cohen, Aiesha Sojourner

  • Ennis, Michael (Co-Leader)
  • Hatem, David (Co-Leader)

Global Health Pathway (GHP)
EPS | Pawel Chojnowski

    • Deb, Anindita

Rural Health Scholars (RHS)

  • Haley, Heather-Lyn (Co-Leader)
  • Cashman, Suzanne (Co-Leader)

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