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Clinical Applications Co-Directors

The clinical applications curriculum is a blending of biomedical, social, systems-based, and clinical learning that occurs most Fridays of the Vista curriculum.  These large group integration activities have been developed by experienced faculty with input from block leaders.  The clinical applications leader(s) will oversee the delivery of this curriculum as outlined below.  

To Learn More about the Clinical Applications curriculum, please watch this video. 

The Clinical Applications Director or Co-Directors will meet the responsibilities for block leadership, though this leadership role spans the entire academic year.  This position can be filled by up to three individuals for a total of 0.13 FTE.  

Block Leadership Responsibilities: 

  • Develop teaching materials that include learning objectives and instructional methods, consistent with T.H. Chan School of Medicine program objectives and competencies; review/revise and update these materials as needed and at least annually.    
  • Work with educational specialist to maintain content within a BBL templated site   
  • Provide a list of resources to be utilized by faculty and students 
  • Collaborate across blocks with other block directors to ensure horizontal and vertical integration of the curriculum  
  • Create educational experiences that add value to student learning and competency  
  • Recruit new faculty to teach longitudinally across the discovery phase of the curriculum 
  • Organize core small group learning sessions with educational specialists and attend, if needed  
  • Provide supervision and oversight of the block faculty and implementation of teaching program 
  • Conduct evaluation and structured observation of block teaching faculty and provide feedback 
  • Prepare block assessments and chair the Block Exam Review Team 
  • Determine students’ grades and fill out final grade sheets within timelines set by the OUME  
  • Support students – communicate with students and respond to their queries in a timely manner 
  • Collaborate with CAA, IREA, and OSA to support student needs 
  • Prepare annual post-block review/ self-evaluation of the Block and present to the Discovery Phase Curriculum Committee 
  • Serve on School of Medicine Discovery Phase Curriculum Committee and attend other curricular committees as assigned  

Additional role description for CAL includes: 

  • Working with block leadership to create integrated cases and teaching activities for the Friday one-hour sessions within each block 
  • Identifying and developing direct teachers for those Friday, 1-hour sessions 
  • Responding to student feedback on the clinical application sessions 
  • Direct observation of faculty and feedback for a sampling of Friday sessions at least once per block 
  • Creating assessment activities as appropriate  
  • Presenting annually to the Discovery Phase Curriculum Committee 
  • Participating as a member of the Discovery Phase Curriculum Committee