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LInC Advanced Studies Leadership

[through AY 2024-2025]

Advanced Biomedical & Translational Sciences (ABTS)

  • Mick, Eric (Leader)
  • Kilham, Jessica (Co-Leader)

Acting Internship in Internal Medicine (IM SUBI)
Administrator | Rebecca Sulyma

  • Yazdani, Majid (Director)
  • McManus, David (Chair)

Emergency Clinical Problem Solver (ECPS)
Administrator | Jean Baril

  • Carey, Jennifer (Leader)

Acting Internship in Pediatrics (PEDI SUBI)
Administrator | Maxine Schmeidler

  • Gibson, Tim (Director)
  • Rhein, Lawrence (Chair)

Acting Internship in Acute Care Surgery (ASURG SUBI)
Administrator | Marilyn Lavergne

  • Carroll, James (Director)
  • Litwin, Demetrius (Chair)

EPS | Karen Morrissey

Acting Internship in Family Medicine & Community Health (FM SUBI)
Administrator | Karen Rayla

  • Lorusso, Anthony (Director)
  • Chang, Felix (Director - Health Alliance)
  • McKee, Diane (Chair) ​

Transition to Internship (TRANS IS)
EPS | Adam Marowski, Jean Welker

  • Hajj, Nicholas (Co-Leader)
  • Hatem, David (Co-Leader)

Capstone Scholarship & Discovery (CSD)
Program Manager | Colleen Burham
Baystate Support | Emily (Haley) Byrne

  • Burnham, Colleen (Co-Leader)
  • Fan, Xiaoduo (Co-Leader)
  • Gerstein, Rachel (Co-Leader)
  • Hermos, Christina (Co-Leader)
  • McAdoo, Sarah (Co-Leader)
  • Tisminetzky, Mayra (Co-Leader)
  • Zitzewitz, Jill (Co-Leader)


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