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Exploration Phase Absence Policy


Planned Absences

  • Planned absences may be taken in ½ day or full day increments. 
  • Planned absences that are not requested 30 days in advance may be denied.
  • Planned absences approvals will include the expectation that the student must still complete the requisite number of WBAs, oasis case lists and all assignments by the original end date of the rotation.  They must be prepared to test at the usual time. 
  • Planned absence total for the year is 7 days and can not be taken on key clerkship dates (defined as testing or simulation).
  • Within this limit, once annually, a 3-day continuous planned absence may be requested.  If this is requested during Flexible Professional Experiences or Radiology the student will need to postpone these rotations to accommodate their request.
  • Outside of this one, 3-day allowance the per rotation limits are as follows: 
    • Neurology, Pediatrics, OBGYN, Family Medicine, Psychiatry - 2 days max
    • Internal Medicine/Surgery - 3 days max
    • Flexible Professional Experiences weeks - ½ day max (each)
    • Pathways weeks - 1 day max
    • Population and Community Health Clerkship - 1 day max
    • Radiology - ½ day max  

Unplanned Absences

  • Make up clinical time is required for any unplanned/sick absences that occur beyond these per clerkship limits and will be at the discretion of the clerkship director.  Clerkship grades will remain incomplete until this time is made up by the student. 
  • If there is significant unplanned absence time required during the exploration phase, the learner’s 7 planned absence days may be truncated at the discretion of OUME/OSA.  If a student's absences (unplanned absences + planned absences) exceed the yearlong total (7) or the current per clerkship total (see above), planned absence requests will be denied.    

Frequent absences beyond those scheduled as noted above may impact a student’s personal educational experience. If time off is needed beyond that provided through vacations, the WIN week and that allowed by this policy, students are encouraged to speak with their Learning Communities Mentor regarding a short leave of absence.    

All absences in the preclinical and clinical years, whether planned or unplanned, will be processed through the Office of Student Affairs for tracking purposes. UMass Chan Absence Policy website: 

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