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Longitudinal Biomedical Topic Directors

The Longitudinal Biomedical Topic Director functions under the authority of the T.H. Chan School of Medicine Education Policy Committee and its relevant subcommittees and Leadership.  The LBT is responsible for appropriate coverage, placement, and sequencing of related content in the curriculum, consistent with T.H. Chan School of Medicine program objectives and competencies 

FTE varies by content hours threaded across the Discovery phase curriculum. 

Role Block Hours FTE
Biomedical Leader Pharmacology (2 roles) 172 .09
Biomedical Leader Anatomy  180 .09
Biomedical Leader Imaging  55 .03
Biomedical Leader Nutrition  33 .02
Biomedical Leader Cancer Concepts 30 .02
Biomedical Leader Histology  32 .02
Biomedical Leader Physiology  72 .04
Biomedical Leader Embryology  35 .02
  • Organize and supervise longitudinal biomedical content, including schedule development
  • In collaboration with block directors, develop pertinent block level teaching materials; review and update these materials as needed and at least annually.    
  • In collaboration with block directors, provide a list of content-related resources to be utilized by faculty and students in the block  
  • Collaborate across blocks with other longitudinal content directors to ensure horizontal and vertical integration of the curriculum  
  • In collaboration with block directors, create content-related education experiences that add value to student learning and competency  
  • In collaboration with block directors, prepare content-related assessments