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Core PURCH Educators & Administrators


Office Support Staff

  • Hinchey, Kevin | Senior Associate Dean of Undergraduate Medical Education Baystate Health (UME BSH)
  • Borden, Samuel | Assistant Dean for Admissions
  • Sicard, Jane | Associate Director of Healthcare Education
  • Belforti, Raquel | Co-Chair of Undergraduate Medical Education Baystate Health (UME BSH)
  • Cisera, Latirah | PURCH Program Coordinator

Doctoring and Clinical Skills (DCS)

  • Alroumi, Fahad (Course Director)
  • Gonzalez, Brittner (Faculty)
  • Kleppel, Reva (Faculty)
  • Walker, Durane (Faculty)


 Clerkship Directors

Family Medicine
Administrator | Rhonda Caouette

    • Deb, Anindita

Administrator | Adaliz Diaz

  • Riyaz, Sonia

Internal Medicine
Administrator | Laura Slowick

    • Belforti, Raquel

Administrator | Margarita Fuentes-Negron

  • Fernandez, Gladys

Obstetrics and Gynecology
Administrator | Christine Selander

    • Morgan, Elizabeth

Administrator | Sheila Ortiz

  • Otis, James (Co-Director)
  • Panjwani, Sheila (Co-Director


Administrator | Bethanie Calvanese

    • Marrese, Christine


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