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Block Directors

The Block Co-Director functions under the authority of the T.H. Chan School of Medicine, Education Policy Committee (EPC) and its relevant subcommittees and Leadership.  The Block Co-Director is responsible for building and fostering a positive and inclusive academic and team-based learning environment for the faculty and medical students. 

 The FTE for each block varies bases on the number of weeks in the block.  

  • Leadership is based on a 32-hour week 
  • Block curriculum is 20 hrs. per week, excluding Clinical "Wednesday" curriculum
  • 2 co-directors for Blocks up to 6 weeks long; up to 2 additional co-directors can be added to blocks with 7+ weeks (total FTE would not change) 
Block Block Weeks Max # of Directors Block FTE
Principles 1 7 3 .22
Principles 2 5 2 .16
Blood, Immunity, and Infections 8 3 .26
Skin & Musculoskeletal System 6 2 .19
Nervous System and Behavior 9 3 .29
Gastrointestinal System 6 2 .19
Peers, Populations and Pathways (P3) 1 2 .03
Cardiovascular System 6 2 .19
Respiratory System 5 2 .16
Urinary System 5 2 .16
Endocrine and Reproductive Systems 7 4 .22

*FTE for individual co-directors determined by the number of co-directors sharing total Block FTE 

Duties and Essential Job Functions  

  • Organize and supervise the block, including schedule development  
  • Develop block level teaching materials including the block syllabus that includes learning objectives and instructional methods, consistent with T.H. Chan School of Medicine program objectives and competencies; review/revise and update these materials as needed and at least annually.    
  • Works with educational specialist to maintain content within a BBL templated site   
  • Provide a list of resources to be utilized by faculty and students in the block  
  • Collaborate across blocks with other block directors to ensure horizontal and vertical integration of the curriculum  
  • Create education experiences that add value to student learning and competency  
  • Recruit new faculty to teach in the block 
  • Organize core small group learning sessions with educational specialists and attend, if needed  
  • Provide supervision and oversight of the block faculty and implementation of teaching program 
  • Conduct evaluation and structured observation of block teaching faculty and provide feedback 
  • Prepare block assessments and chair the Block Exam Review Team 
  • Determine students’ grades and fill out final grade sheets within timelines set by the OUME  
  • Support students – communicate with students and respond to their queries in a timely manner 
  • Collaborate with CAA, IREA, and OSA to support student needs 
  • Prepare annual post-block review/ self-evaluation of the Block and present to the Discovery Phase Curriculum Committee 
  • Serve on School of Medicine Discovery Phase Curriculum Committee and attend other curricular committees as assigned 
  • Other related responsibilities as needed and/or identified assigned by the T.H. School of Medicine to further its educational mission