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VISTA Curriculum Committees

Educational Policy Committee

The Educational Policy Committee (EPC) is a primary governing body of the T.H. Chan School of Medicine and has the authority to determine policy for medical school education. The EPC has the responsibility for planning, implementing, supervising, evaluating, and continuously revising a coherent and comprehensive program of general medical education for the training of physicians. To access curriculum committee meeting minutes, policies, course reviews and other EPC materials visit the Educational Policy Committee sharepoint site.

Chair: Erin McMaster, MD
Vice-Chair: Lela Giannaris, PhD
Education Program Specialist: Victoria Cohen, MPP
Student representatives: Ben Potee (MS3), Bryce Pepin (MS4), Tyler Long (MS2)

The standing EPC Subcommittees are charged by the EPC to address issues including but not limited to: Curriculum; Academic Calendar and Daily Schedules; Student Feedback and Needs Assessment; Guidelines, Processes and Relevant Policies; Student Performance Assessment; Institutional Policies and Announcements; and Strategic Planning.

VISTA Curriculum Committees (EPC Subcommittees) - Launch August 2022

Longitudinal Themes Curriculum Committee (LTCC) is charged with oversight and management of longitudinal curricular elements across all years of the medical school curriculum.

Chair: Kerri Gosselin, MD
Faculty Co-Vice-Chair: Rachel Gerstein, PhD
Student Co-Vice-Chair: Deirbhile Martin (MS4)
Education Program Specialist: Therence Ntihinduka
Student representatives: Caroline Norton (2025), Christian Keenan (2024), Emilee Herringshaw (2023), Emily Farbman (2023), Mia Lai (2026)

Discovery Phase Curriculum Committee (DCC) (Active AY22) is charged with oversight and management of the curricular elements of the Discovery phase.

Chair: Mary O’Brien, MD 
Faculty Co-Vice-Chair: Jill Zitzewitz, PhD
Student Co-Vice-Chair: Lela Water (MD/2026)
Education Program Specialist: Paula Halligan
Student representatives: Sirena Khanna (2026), Ivy Dang (2026), Brielle Barclay-Rochefort (2027),  Victoria Pajak, (2027), Ariane Michelson (2027)

Health Systems Science Curriculum Committee (HSS CC) (Active AY22)  is charged with oversight and management of the health systems science curricular elements across all years of the medical school curriculum.

Chair: Kimberly Fisher, MD
Faculty Co-Vice-Chair: Mara Epstein, ScD
Student Co-Vice-Chair: Bennet Vogt (MS4)
Education Program Specialist:
Student representatives: Nathan Yee (2024), Mitin Nachu (2024), Scott Ewy (2023)

Assessment Curriculum Committee (ACC) (Active AY22)  is charged with development and oversight of the assessment strategies, ensuring consistency within phases, and capturing competency-based progression throughout all years of the medical school curriculum.

Chair: Lindsay Turner, PhD
Faculty Co-Vice-Chair: Mary Zanetti, EdD
Resident/Fellow Co-Vice-Chair: Danielle Leary DO
Education Program Specialist: Victoria Cohen MPP

Clinical Curriculum Committee (CC) Charge (Active in 2024) The clinical phase CC is charged by the EPC with oversight and management of the clinical years rotations, reviewing, and responding to student feedback and needs assessments, developing, approving, and instituting guidelines, processes and relevant policies that pertain to this phase in alignment with institutional policies and procedures.   Additionally, the clinical CC will keep all rotation leaders informed of announcements and policy changes that affect their rotations and student progression. The calendaring and scheduling of the academic calendar in the clinical years will be directed by this group.  Strategic planning will be developed with oversight and engagement from OUME, OEA and aligned with institutional strategic plans.  Rotations that are underperforming will be identified and supported by leadership as per EPC policy. A written and verbal report will be given to the EPC annually representing this committee’s work. 

Chair (faculty): TBD
Co-Vice Chair (faculty): TBD
Co-Vice Chair (student): TBD
Education Program Specialist (OUME): TBD
Student Reps (4, recruited annually)

Core Clinical Rotations Subcommittee (Active in AY24) This group of core rotation leaders will include required “core” clinical rotations including clerkships, acting internships, and emergency clinical problem solver.  With the assessment committee, this group will oversee and standardize the student performance strategy between and across core rotations consistently applying the guidance of the Assessment committee. This committee will ensure that learner assessment strategies in core rotations are complimentary and progressive over time.  This group will ensure that LCME focus areas are consistently addressed between sites, rotations and experiences.  Rotation reviews will occur annually, and this subcommittee will ensure that is done in accordance with EPC guidance. Leadership includes a 3rd and 4th year rotation leaders.

Chair (faculty): TBD
Co-Vice Chair (faculty): TBD
Co-Vice Chair (student): TBD
Education Program Specialist (OUME): TBD
Student Reps (4, recruited annually)

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