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APR: Steps in the Review Process

Each faculty member must record their academic and professional activities for the past year, conduct a self-assessment of their goals for that year, and set goals and objectives for the next year. The Department Chair or an assigned evaluator, such as a Division Chief, then reviews and evaluates the faculty member’s performance during the past year and their goals and objectives for the next year in a written evaluation and face-to-face discussion.

The APR form is completed electronically and is color coded to reflect who is responsible for completing each section.

Evaluator Department


  1. The Department completes Section I (individual information) and Section VI, Parts B, C, D (clinical performance data) for each faculty member and sends to the faculty.
  2. The faculty member completes Sections II–XI and returns the form to the department.
  3. The evaluator or supervisor evaluates the faculty member's performance in Section XII and signs the form.
  4. The faculty member and evaluator meet to discuss the evaluation and the faculty member's future goals.
  5. The faculty member may provide optional comments on their evaluation in Section XIII. The faculty member signs the form.
  6. The Department Chair (if they are not the evaluator) provides an evaluation in Section XIV and signs the form.
  7. The form is submitted to the Office of Faculty Affairs.