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Academic Evaluation

UMass Chan Medical School faculty members are expected to demonstrate excellence in one or more Areas of Distinction that provide a unifying theme for their academic activities, achievements and scholarship; to demonstrate effectiveness in Educational Activities; and to participate in Academic Service; as defined in their letter of offer and as modified through subsequent performance evaluations.

  • Areas of Distinction  Definition of the four Areas: Health Care Delivery, Education, Investigation, and Population Health and Public Policy
  • Scholarship  The definition and evaluation of scholarship.
  • Educational Activities  The broad scope of education activities and evaluation of educational effectiveness.
  • Academic Service  The range of service activities provided by UMass Chan Medical School faculty.

Evaluation of Candidates for Appointment or Promotion

A candidate for appointment or promotion is evaluated for the quality and quantity of their academic activities, achievements and scholarship in one or more Areas of Distinction and in Academic Service. In all cases, the overall judgment by Personnel Action Committees that a candidate has demonstrated excellence at a level of achievement is of greatest importance in the evaluation process.

Based on this evaluation, a candidate is judged to have attained one of three levels of achievement: “Entry”, “Established” or “Senior” in each area. Examples that provide evidence of achievement at each level are listed in Tables 1–5 of the APP:

The criteria for each academic rank define the levels of achievement required for appointment or promotion to that rank.