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The Narrative Statement

Candidates for promotion are strongly encouraged to include an optional Narrative Statement in their Basic File. The purpose of the Narrative Statement is to give candidates the opportunity to place their work and activities in the context of their overall goals as a faculty member at UMMS.

Because reviewers may not be in the candidate’s field, the statement should be written so that the issues, approach, and impact or outcome of the candidate’s work will be understandable to a general academic medicine audience.

A Narrative Statement should be 2–3 pages (single-spaced)—no longer—and include the following sections:

  • Introduction.  An overview of the candidate as a faculty member, including their goals and expectations.
  • Areas of Distinction.  Description of the candidate’s achievements in each of their Areas of Distinction, including Education.
  • Academic Service.  Description of the candidate’s service activities.
  • Conclusion.  Summary of the candidate’s major achievements and future directions.

For more detailed guidance, download Guidelines on Preparation of a Narrative Statement as a PDF file.

See here for examples of narrative statements and guidance for promotion to Associate Professor in the Non-Tenure Track.