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Intellectual Property Committee

Purpose: Responsible for advising the chancellor on all matters pertaining to intellectual property, patent policies and procedures.

Reports to: Chancellor

Term: 3 years


The Intellectual Property Committee is a Standing Committee as defined in the UMW Governance Document. The description of the council, including duties and membership, can be found in the UMW Governance Document here.  

The Intellectual Property Committee has developed bylaws for the purpose of establishing Chair, quorum and standard operating procedures. The bylaws are available here.

Current Members (2023-2024)


Committee Chair: Lilly, Craig, MD - Medicine

7 Faculty (selected by Nominations Committee):
Davis, Roger, PhD - Program in Molecular Medicine      
Fischer, Andrew, MD - Pathology
Klaucke, Christian, MD - Emergency Medicine
Lim, Elaine, PhD- Molecular, Cell & Cancer Biology
Mullin, Daniel, PsyD, MPH - Family Medicine
Xiang, Yang, PhD - Neurobiology
Xue, Wen, PhD - RNA Therapeutics


Lindstedt, John, CPA - Executive Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance
Fitzgerald, Kate, PhD - Vice Provost for Clinical and Translational Science
Wynne, Patricia, PhD, MBA - Executive Director, OTM